Before you start propagating your coffee plant in water, there are a few things you need to know. First, coffee plants can be finicky when it comes to propagation. Second, while water propagation is not difficult, it can be time-consuming.

And third, you will need to be patient – it can take several weeks for your coffee plant to develop roots.

Coffee propagation

  • Start with a coffee plant that is already growing
  • Cut a 6-8 inch branch from the plant that has several leaves on it
  • Strip all the leaves off of the bottom half of the branch
  • Place the branch in a jar or glass of water, making sure that at least 2 inches of the stem are submerged
  • Change out the water every few days to keep it fresh
  • After about 2-3 weeks, roots should begin to form at the base of the stem in the water
  • Once roots have formed, you can then transplant your new coffee plant into soil

How to Propagate Coffee Plant from Cuttings

One of the easiest ways to propagate a coffee plant is from cuttings. To do this, you’ll need to take a few healthy cuttings from an existing coffee plant. Make sure each cutting has several leaves and is about 6 inches long.

Once you have your cuttings, dip the base of each one in rooting hormone. This will help encourage root growth. Then, plant the cuttings in a pot filled with moistened potting mix.

Keep the soil moist but not wet, and place the pot in a bright spot out of direct sunlight. After a few weeks, you should see roots starting to form on your cuttings. Once the roots are established, you can transplant them into individual pots filled with fresh potting mix.

Water regularly and fertilize monthly, and soon you’ll have plenty of coffee plants to enjoy!

Can You Propagate Coffee Plant in Water


Can You Propagate Coffee Plants from Cuttings?

If you love coffee and want to grow your own coffee plant, you may be wondering if you can propagate coffee plants from cuttings. The answer is yes! You can easily propagate coffee plants from cuttings taken from an existing plant.

Here’s how to do it: 1. Choose a healthy branch on your coffee plant that has at least 2-3 sets of leaves. Using a sharp knife or pruning shears, cut the branch at a 45-degree angle just below a leaf node (where the leaves meet the stem).

2. Strip off the lower leaves from the cutting, leaving only 2-3 sets of leaves near the top. 3. Fill a small pot with moistened potting mix and make a small hole in the center. Gently insert the cutting into the hole, making sure that at least one leaf node is buried beneath the surface of the soil.

4. Firmly press down around the base of the cutting to secure it in place, then water well and place in a warm, bright location out of direct sunlight. Keep soil moist but not soggy until roots have formed and new growth appears, which could take 4-8 weeks depending on conditions.

How Long Do Coffee Cuttings Take to Root?

It usually takes coffee cuttings about 3-4 weeks to root.

How Much Water Does It Take to Grow a Coffee Plant?

It takes quite a lot of water to grow a coffee plant – around 120 litres (31 gallons) per plant, per year. This is because coffee plants are native to tropical regions and need high levels of humidity to thrive. If you’re growing coffee at home, you’ll need to water your plants regularly and mist them with a spray bottle to keep the air around them moist.

Coffee plants can be sensitive to over-watering, so it’s important not to let them stand in water or sit in soggy soil. They also don’t like having their leaves wet, so make sure you avoid getting the leaves wet when watering your plants.

How Do You Make Coffee Cuttings?

When it comes to making coffee cuttings, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. First, you need to choose a healthy, disease-free mother plant from which to take your cutting. Once you have your mother plant selected, the next step is to take a sharp knife or pruning shears and make a clean cut just below a node (a joint on the stem where leaves are attached).

Your cutting should be 4-6 inches in length and contain at least 2 nodes. After you have made your cutting, it’s important to remove any leaves that are lower down on the stem – these will be buried when planting and can rot. Once your cutting is ready, you can dip it in rooting hormone powder or gel (this helps encourage root growth).

Plant your cutting in moistened potting mix and place it in a bright spot out of direct sunlight. Keep the soil moist but not soggy – too much water can also lead to rot. With proper care, your coffee cutting should root within 4-8 weeks.

Once roots have begun to form, you can transplant your new plant into a larger pot or into the ground.


You can propagate coffee plants in water, but it is not recommended. Coffee plants are typically propagated by taking stem cuttings from an existing plant and growing them in soil. While it is possible to grow coffee plants in water, they will not thrive as well as they would in soil.

If you do decide to propagate your coffee plant in water, make sure to change the water regularly and use a high-quality filtered water.

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