Jeremy A. Bruton is a passionate tea and coffee enthusiast based in Seattle, WA. With an unbridled love for the intricate world of flavors that tea and coffee offer, Jeremy founded Top Tea Coffee as a platform to share his discoveries and connect with like-minded aficionados.

A resident of the Pacific Northwest, Jeremy is on a continuous journey to explore the diverse range of teas and coffees available, from the comforting classics to the most exotic blends. His expertise extends beyond the cup, as he delves into the cultural and historical aspects that make each sip a unique experience.

In addition to being the driving force behind Top Tea Coffee, Jeremy is an advocate for responsible consumption and ethical sourcing of tea and coffee. He believes in fostering a community where individuals can learn, share, and appreciate the artistry behind these beloved beverages.

Connect with Jeremy through email at for inquiries, suggestions, or just to chat about your favorite tea or coffee blend.

Join Jeremy and the Top Tea Coffee community on a journey of taste and exploration, where every cup tells a story.