The 7 Best French Vanilla Coffee Beans Reviews Of 2021

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Sometimes your body might be missing luxurious items like a cup of coffee or a piece of cake. Don’t be so mean to deprive your body of these goodies; they can be what you need to make your days better. The best French vanilla coffee is suitable to refresh not only your body but also your mind.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ‘restaurant’ sip right from your kitchen. Such items can make you feel a bit indulgent and naughty. But your days can also be much better than before. Let’s explore how these products can improve your life. The comprehensive list caters to everyone’s needs; those on a tight budget can also enjoy their lives.

01. New England Coffee French Vanilla Medium Roast Ground Coffee

If you are looking for the best and flavored coffee, then New England Coffee French Vanilla has got you covered. The item is 100% Arabica, which is the best quality and delicious ingredient for making coffee. Ground coffee can be what your body has been missing to function correctly.

The coffee beans are sourced from the most world coffee-producing regions, never to disappoint. New England Coffee remains a famous company for roasting high-class coffee for decades. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about this product because it packs a flavorsome punch.

Another reason as to why this product is on our list is due to its lower price. It offers the best flavor and quality but comes at a reduced cost; you can’t afford to miss it in your house. You will never go wrong with New England Coffee French Vanilla when it comes to price.


  • Comes in ground form
  • Medium roast level is the best way to prepare this French vanilla coffee
  • It is full of French vanilla flavor
  • It has some caffeine content
  • It is 100% Arabica coffee for consistent flavor
  • It is gluten-free, hence safe for your health
  • The coffee ground is Kosher certified
  • When brewing, use only clean/freshwater
  • It has robust blends and classic flavored coffees to fit any mood or taste
  • It features the signature sweetness
  • Sustainable option
New England Coffee French Vanilla Medium Roast Ground Coffee


Status100% Arabica coffee
BrandNew England Coffee
Item formGround
Roast levelMedium roast
FlavorFrench Vanilla
Caffeine ContentCaffeinated
Compatibleonly with fresh water
Unit count11 Oz Bag
Certified Kosher

03. Nestle Coffee-mate Coffee Creamer, French Vanilla, liquid pump bottle

With its naturally low-acidity nature, the coffee ensures your stomach is relaxed, free from any acid influence. Remember, this coffee is a harmonious blend of smooth, creamy vanilla notes. The 15L liquid pump how to makes the item suitable for any break room or office. You don’t need milk or refrigeration to prepare your coffee.


  • It features certified ingredients, guaranteeing safety for your health
  • The coffee is cholesterol and lactose-free
  • The coffee is sweeter than most of its counterparts on the market
  • It doesn’t need refrigeration, and you are ready to go after removing it from the box
  • It is delicious and aromatic; never disappoint
  • This French vanilla coffee features the smooth flavor
  • The item itself is naturally-low acid
  • The French vanilla coffee meets international standards like Kosher certification
  • The aromatic beans are pesticide-free
  • You can add a lovely coffee beverage to sweeten and whiten with some French Vanilla flavor.
Nestle Coffee-mate Coffee Creamer, French Vanilla, liquid pump bottle


FlavorFrench vanilla
Liquid pumpBottle
BrandNestle Coffee-mate
Item formCreamer
Naturallylow acid
Organic aromaticBeans
Unit count50.7 FI. Oz

04. Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee, French Vanilla Flavored Coffee

If you are a fan of Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee, then you will be happy to experience the greatness in this French Vanilla Flavored Coffee. Just like other high-class products, this item is rich in Arabica beans. This medium roast coffee ensures you get what you need to get from the substance.

Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee is on our list because most of its customers give positive feedback about it. Most of its fans across the globe affirm that the item never disappoints, enriching them with Vanilla flavor. This is the same taste that I have been experiencing since I switched to the product.

Therefore, this product makes a great and perfect choice for those who wish their coffee to have a syrupy vanilla flavor. The vanilla flavor is referring, falling on its sweeter side, boasting a more-ish quality that can make you crave a coffee cup every morning.


  • It comes in K-cup coffee pods that are tightly sealed to prevent leaks
  • It is made from remarkable Arabica beans for quality taste
  • Brewing this coffee is easy and quick
  • It is equipped with smoothness and Dunkin’ Donuts’ flavor
  • It is versatile as you can use it for hot creations and cold brew
  • It is compatible with Keurig brewers
  • Preparation of this is simple; it takes a few minutes
  • It’s suitable for anything from cappuccinos to cold brews
  • It can be the versatility and sweet kick you have been looking for
  • Features caffeine content; hence it caffeinated
Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee, French Vanilla Flavored Coffee


Size60 count
Item formK-cups
Roast levelMedium roast
FlavorFrench vanilla
BrandDunkin’ Donuts
Caffeine ContentCaffeinated
100% high-qualityArabica coffee
CompatibilityKeurig coffee makers

06. Maxwell House International Cafe French Vanilla Coffee

Maxwell House International Cafe French Vanilla Coffee has a consistent signature taste, excellent for the last drop. It makes a perfect choice for those who are in love with instant coffee. Therefore, the Vanilla Coffee bled is decaffeinated, exceptionally smooth, making it your every day’s perfect treat.

Additionally, this instant Vanilla coffee offers you an indulgent, rich flavor, and it can act as a creamer when added to hot beverages or stand alone as a drink. The product comes at reasonable prices but provides you with remarkable flavor. Besides, you can purchase in bulk, enhancing the quantity offered.


  • It comes at an affordable price
  • The French vanilla coffee decaffeinated coffee
  • The product features a French vanilla creamy flavor
  • It comes in large quantity
  • Its taste is similar to most Maxwell House creamers.
  • The coffee is sugar-free; an excellent taste for some people
  • Preparation of this coffee doesn’t need a brewer; it dissolves in milk and hot water.
  • The smooth texture is what is associated with this coffee
  • You can consume this French vanilla coffee either as a creamer or a drink
  • It is a low-calorie coffee
Maxwell House International Cafe French Vanilla Coffee


BrandMaxwell house
Item FormInstant
FlavorFrench vanilla
Caffeine ContentDecaffeinated
Eight 4 ounceCanister
No need for aBrewer
Dissolves in milk andhot water

07. Folgers French Vanilla Flavored Ground Coffee

Let’s wind up our list with the Folgers French Vanilla Flavored Ground Coffee. Its deliciously creamy and mellow taste makes it the best, and that’s why it finds its way on our today’s list. Once you taste this coffee, your mouth will be left watering for extra.

Twist your mind and routine with this fantastic vanilla-flavored ground coffee. Your college guys should not be left out while you enjoy delicious coffee. Pass the ball to them too, and have fun together.


  • The item features smooth and mellow, featuring a natural vanilla flavor
  • It is equipped with a pleasant smell
  • Pre-ground for quick brewing
  • The creamy and mellow taste makes it delicious
  • The canister is tightly sealed to prevent freshness from escaping
  • 6 fl. ounces servings in a canister
  • The ingredients in this French vanilla coffee are Kosher certified
  • It is manufactured from Arabica beans for consistent taste
  • Features caffeine content; hence it caffeinated
  • Medium roast level is the perfect way to manufacture this item
Folgers French Vanilla Flavored Ground Coffee


Item FormGround
Flavor French vanilla
Size11.5 Ounces
Caffeine contentCaffeinated
FlavorFrench vanilla
Flavorsequipped with both artificial and natural

Best French Vanilla Coffee Flavored Review Buying guide

With various options on the market, I know how it can be hectic to get home with the best French vanilla coffee. This means that if not careful, you can quickly end up buying the wrong product. There several parameters that you must consider before deciding.


Where is the product made? Which Brand is the leading manufacturer of French vanilla coffee? These are only but a few questions you need to ask yourself when looking for the best product. When you hear an individual company, you know the product is excellent.

This implies that there are some famous and high-quality manufacturers while others not. Therefore you need to be careful not to buy a product from the wrong Brand. On the other hand, the so-called low-class Companies might produce high-quality French vanilla coffees, but you end up with a low-quality item from a prominent brand out of ignorant.

Best French Vanilla Coffee Review


French vanilla coffees come in varying quality to confuse you. The quality of any product is determined by the materials or ingredients used to manufacturer it. Some products tend to be high-quality in disguise. You end up splashing your money only to get an awkward taste.

Trust me; the above options are tested to be the best and delicious. What you only need to do is to choose as per your preference. Our taste varies, so choose wisely.

Ease of preparation

For how long will you stand, waiting for your coffee to be ready? An excellent French vanilla coffee should not consume more than 10 minutes. Anything more than that, it is automatically tea and not coffee. Yeah, these are drinks you need to prepare for about five minutes, and you are ready to go.

Thank God almost all of the above options are quick and easy to prepare. Besides, procedures or steps for making your drink are simple to follow.

Best French Vanilla Coffee Customer reviews

Customer reviews are another essential consideration that you must put into practice if you want to invest in the best French vanilla coffee. What do people say about the product you planning to buy? You don’t have to decide blindly; at least go through some customer reviews on websites like Amazon to get more information about a particular product.

Doing so is advisable because the customers who have already used the same product have a lot to say. They know the taste, advantages, and disadvantages of the French vanilla coffee; you can’t know you know much than them.

Reader also ask

Is French vanilla coffee healthy?

Of course, yes, the above products are tested and proved to be the best and healthy. The ingredients are Kosher certified, making them suitable for daily consumption. But remember, too much of something might be dangerous to your health, even water. Therefore, be careful not to consume more than enough.

What is French vanilla coffee?

French vanilla coffee is a type of flavored coffee featuring 100% Arabica beans. It is blended with French vanilla coffee flavoring during the roasting process. Roasters use a medium roast; anything higher can affect the flavor.

What is the difference between French vanilla and vanilla coffee?

Determining the difference between French Vanilla and vanilla coffee is simple. The egg yolks in the French vanilla taste more custard-like and more affluent than plain vanilla coffee. Additionally, the French vanilla features a golden tinge, whereas the vanilla coffee is stark white.

How do you make French vanilla coffee taste better?

Before you prepare your coffee, it is advisable to know what makes French vanilla coffee. While preparing the French vanilla coffee to ensure you don’t overroast. Anything higher than enough requirements can spoil its taste or flavor. It might start tasting bitter.

How is French vanilla coffee made?

One of the primary ingredients required to make French vanilla coffee is vanilla oil. Buy French vanilla coffee (1/2 cup), sugar and milk, hot water, brewer.

Start by grinding the beans, place them on the brewer and then add water. Down and up stir motion, giving it some four minutes. Plunge when the four minutes are over. It is ready to drink.

Where did French vanilla come from?

The name French in these products doesn’t mean they are made from France. They are manufactured by most US-based bands.

Final words

The above list is just comprehensive enough for you to bag home the best French vanilla coffee. Hopefully, the reviews smoothen and make your decision-making process straightforward. These products have a remarkable flavor for a rare treat for various coffee lovers; apply them to your beverage.

We can drive the nail at home if you’re still stuck on which French vanilla coffee is better. Why don’t you go and have a taste of our top pick item?  New England Coffee French Vanilla Medium Roast Ground Coffee is the best and value for the money. It is not expensive. There are also some costly but affordable options for premium lovers.

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