The 7 Best Heb Coffee Reviews (For Coffee Lovers)

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The question perhaps on your mind is what is HEB? And how many HEB stores are there? This is a private company based in Texas at HEB Alamo Ranch which has over 340 stores spread in Texas and some parts of Northeast Mexico now as a supermarket.  The company also operates an HEB Alon market and a central market, known as best heb coffee central market San Antonio; upscale organic and fine foods retail such as HEB ready meals, HEB prepared meals, sweet red wine HEB, and HEB peanut butter.

The business was started by Florence Butt who opened a grocery in her home which was taken over by her youngest son after he returned from world war l in 1919. The youngest son was called Howard Edward Butt, whose abbreviation is HEB, the company’s name. Heb Coffee is one of the products that are processed and sold at stores and online. Its coffee blends have become quite popular in the recent past and this article seeks to review seven of these coffees to help you make an informed decision.

01. HEB Cafe Ole Ground Coffee 12oz Bag

A three-pack comes with a 12-ounce bag that can push you for miles before ordering anew. The medium roasted coffee is flavored with the undertones of cinnamon, chocolate, and vanilla which will brow your mind away with just a taste. The taste of San Antonio is a chocolate Cinnamon flavor and not the same as San Angelo that is nut-like. On the ground, it is finely ground neither is it coarsely ground. It is just like Yuban. When purchasing, you need to be careful with whom you are purchasing. Some suppliers will supply you with an outdated product that has a past use-by date with no return policy. Its pricing is another discouraging factor as it is quite highly-priced on the online store as the company stopped home delivery.


Packaged in a bag

Net weight of 12-oz

Comes in packs of three

Its packaging weight is 1.11kg

Its dimensions are 4 X 2 X 7

The unit count is 36 ounces

It is packaged in three different colors Gold, black and blue.

Excellent taste and flavor

Brilliant Packaging (three oat one saves the shipping costs)

Quite addictive

02. HEB Cafe Ole Whole Bean Coffee 12oz Bag

It is one of the most famous natural blends that come in a 3-pack which is a 12-ounce bag. The ingredients of this are Arabica Coffee which has both natural and artificial flavors. This is a blend of creamy caramel and Texas pecan flavor. Lately, the company stopped shipping to homes because of the COVID issue has seen its price almost doubling at Amazon. The beans are no decaffeinated and do not have any sugar added however some hint of cinnamon. The crisp coffee aroma mixed with coconut roast after opening the package captivates the body with the sweet smell. Grinding the beans as well ensures that a person within the radius of 10 feet is aroused and with every sip, you can sure to long for more.


It is a whole bean

Its package weight is 1.09 kg

Originates from Texas

The coffee dimensions are 4 X 2 X 8

The unit count is 36 ounce

The weight for each pack is 12oz

It has both artificial and natural flavors

It has a pure and rich coffee

It is value for money

Sweet aroma with both natural and artificial flavors

3. H-E-B Cafe Ole Taste of Texas Houston Blend Coffee

The medium roast coffee is of the best purely Arabica coffee which can serve 54 single-serve cups. Moreover, it is very much compatible with Keurig and Keurig 2.0.  It is a medium rot with some hint of pecan and coconut to make it taste better. The company ensures that the process of acquiring the product from the farm to the processing is flawless hence there is no contact to have gluten which can be hazardous. Its packaging is superb as it is delivered soon with some sample crunch bars to try out. The K-cups are stronger that they can be recycled for other usage such as planting seedlings, use for other drinks, or create crafts.


Its dimensions are 11.73 X 9.8 5.51 inches

It weighs about 2.17 pounds.

Compatible with Keurig and Keurig 2.0

Comes is a single pack

Has a foil to cover it.

Serves 54 cups

Tough and durable K-cups

Great taste and quite addictive

Easy to order and quick delivery

Excellent packaging and cups can be reused

4. HEB Cafe Ole 54 count Decaf Variety Pack

Being in the market for over 20 years is one of the blends that do not contain caffeine and as well it is medium roasted. The product is perfect for persons who like decaffeinated products but love the sweet aroma of real coffee. It’s a 100% Arabica coffee that is of good quality grown from some parts of Africa and Colombia. In preparation, you can enjoy about 18 cups of Houston Blend and the same cups of Taste of San Antonio and Texas Pecan which is quite an amount. This different variety helps people to decide if it fits well into their plans. As a result of COVID 19, there has been an upsurge in its price due to more vigilance when distribution to not contribute to or hasten the spread of the virus


Packaged in a box

It is a single unit count

The packaged weight is 1.01kg

Compatible with Keuring 2.0

18 cups of Houston Blend

18 cups of Taste of San Antonio

18 cups of Texas Pecan

Great taste and delicious

Healthy coffee since it is a decaf.

It is not a highly flavored coffee but regular

5. HEB Cafe Ole Coffee Single Serve Cup 12 Box

It is a freshly brewed coffee that has the Taste of Antonio with an artificial flavor. The blend can make a total of 48 cups in total and fits well into the Keurig-style coffee machines. This is a mildly flavored enhance coffee with a slightly sweet taste that is mildly touched by chocolate and coconut. Its decaf style maintains the flavor of the regular keeping one from getting hyped-up late. Amazon delivers this product promptly and in the right conditions. Furthermore, the product can be addictive as it smells good and there is no need to use any creamer.


Has a 48 unit count

Packaged in a box

Package weight is 0.79 kilograms

It fits perfectly into the Keuring style

Has a smooth flavor

Majorly associated with Latin American culture

It is freshly brewed.

Excellent coffee for health-conscious persons

It is a regular coffee that maintains its distinct coffee taste

It can be taken anytime and can either be added to any sweeteners or not.

6. HEB Cafe Ole’ Holiday Roast Single Serve Coffee Cups 12 Per Box

As the name suggests it is a blend designed for the Christmas celebration which has can be added into the Keurig selection putting the holiday into the right spirit. Candy Cane is preferred by many as it is not only delicious but also suits the taste of all the presents. After the holiday season finding this coffee is not easy therefore one may need to have a substitute to help him or her push through the year. Alternatively, you can order some substantive amount as its sell-by date is about three months from the date of manufacturing. Shipping this blend is fast during the Christmas holiday so that consumers might enjoy it.


The product is package in a box

The packaged weight is 0.79kg

It has a 4 unit count

It comes with a candy cane and Pan Dulce

Its package dimension is 12 X 7.7 X 4 Inches

Its theme colors are red

Has some flavor of peppermint.

7. HEB Cafe Ole Ground Coffee 12 Oz Bag

It is one of the finest coffees from HEB. It comes in 2 bags of 12 ounces with a medium roast taste of San Antonio coffee. This blend is purely Arabica with both natural and artificial flavors. These flavors do not overshadow the coffee as they are put sparingly. Many blends have lost the real coffee taste but not this blend. Just like coffee smells, so does this one smell. Using the coffee with a reusable K-cup is likely to distort the taste that you could experience in a normal coffee maker but that does not affect its quality.


It is already ground

Its weight is 12 ounces

The packaging is done in a bag

It is 100% Arabica

The unit ounce is a 24 ounce

The packaged weight 0.71 kilograms

Packaged in two bags with 12 ounces each.

Rich taste with a nice flavor.

Smells and tastes just like coffee

Can be delivered online

How to choose the best HEB Coffee

A general guide to buying coffee

It is not a secret that coffee is one of the most heavenly consumed beverages; however, very few people know little concerning the factors that can determine the difference between a great cup of taste from a mediocre one. This guide will help you learn the basics of choosing and buying coffee.

Many differences between coffee are bought online and that while are bought at the grocery store. Normally the coffee bought online is higher than that which is bought at the HEB grocery store. What separates these two types of coffee is the freshness.


Coffee degrades fast even after it has been roasted. It has been noted that the optimal coffee drinking time is between 2-5 days. However, coffee is a store right then the flavor ay stays for some weeks.  Therefore no matter how airtight containers are used to store coffee, the flavor will degrade in just a matter of weeks. Since they ceased supplying from HEB San Antonio many people have opted to roast alone.


Unroasted coffee tends to stay fresh for months. This, therefore, is a great choice for those who are frequent drinkers since you can roast your coffee at an appropriate time. This option has been taken up by many persons who prefer to take fresh coffee.

Coffee quality

The regulation in the US on coffee production requires that producers state they are selling 100% coffee. It then allows coffee manufacturers to blend a small percentage let’s say 10 of Kona coffee with that of a cheaper grade while advertising that it is Kona Coffee.  Such is a very bad trick. HEB strives so much to avoid such cheats by ensuring that their supplying model is vetted to offer the best coffee. Such tricks offer a bad image to Kona Coffee.

Other tips

Exposure to oxygen ruins the taste of coffee when it is ground. Therefore as a consumer, you can buy it in smaller quantities of ground coffee or go for the unground and grind as much as that you need to stay fresh. Moreover, when one purchases the coffee will determine the quality. For instance, trusted groceries and stores will have the right type of coffee as they have a name to protect unlike those that are coming up.  Online sites like Amazon have been tried and tested to supply authentic coffee and offer clients to review the product they have received.

What to consider when choosing


Every coffee drinker has their favorite blend. As a client chooses their favorite they need to check if the blend is available throughout the year or on need basis. Some coffee is only sold during seasons such as winter. For instance, HEB Cafe Ole’ Therefore one may need to have another alternative or purchase in bulky the ungrounded coffee to grind later as the need arises.

Caffeine Content

Some individuals like to have coffee that has caffeine while others prefer decaffeinated coffee. This is necessitated by personal preferences such as high spirits, health consciousness, costs among other reasons. Therefore before buying you need to check if it fits your needs. For instance, patients that have lifestyle diseases such as diabetes are advised not to drink caffeinated drinks. Important to note is that though some coffee is labeled are decaffeinated, not all caffeine is removed. Some small amounts could be found in them but very low quantities. You can consult your health care personnel for more guidance on this.


Flavors are what make the difference in terms of preferences. Plain coffees may be bitter a bit but with the flavor, it is sweetened. There are two types of flavors; natural and artificial flavor. Natural flavors are not modified in any way while artificial could be chemicals that have been turned into flavors. Either artificial or natural, not major setbacks have been identified to one’s health. However many people prefer the natural to the artificial for fear of the unseen and also avoiding taking too many chemicals into the body.

Roasting type

Light Roast produces beans that a light brown with a sour taste while medium roast has medium brown beans that have some bright acidity. A medium-dark roast has some oil on the surface and they are rich and dark as well.  The dark roast is quite shiny with an oily surface.


The convenience comes on whether you want to buy pre-grounded or already grounded coffee. If you have a lot of time on your hands then pre-grounded coffee will be a better option since you will be taking coffee that is fresh. The working class who work most of the time will find it difficult to adjust to grind their coffee. Therefore they will prefer the already ground coffee though it is not as fresh as the one ground almost immediately.

The convenience story arises on where or how the coffee can be accessed. Some of this coffee will only be accessed in stores of a certain region such as in Texas. Therefore if you are not living around the area then it becomes impossible to get your favorite. Amazon and other online stores have made it easy and you could check if your product is listed among those being supplied. Alternatively, the opening and closing time really matter for instance Alon Market HEB coffee opens from 8 am to 8 pm while Belton plus Texas closes at 11 pm.

Reader also ask

Is there a difference between HEB pre-grounded and that which is grounded?

There is no much difference as all of them are coffee. However, there could be a slight difference in terms of the freshness of the coffee. Coffee that is ground at home is fresher than that which is already made.

Is decaffeinated coffee free from caffeine?

It is almost impossible to remove all the caffeine from the beans however over 90 of the caffeine is removed through a process. The remaining percentage may not be of much significance.

Which is or are the process of decaffeinating and are they secure?

Decaffeinating can be done using two procedures. The first one is through hot water where the outside layer which is rich in caffeine is removed. The second process is using a chemical that will remove the caffeine from the beans. Both processes are safe and secure.

What is used to seal the packaging bags?

The nitrogen technology that is used to seal potato chips and crisps and other manufacturing products is used. This process does not allow any leaking of air that may spoil the coffee. The use of staples and glues has never been used to seal the packages.

Does HEB have a return policy on any of the coffee that is sold?

Just like many food companies, HEB does not have a return policy for the coffee they sell. Food is a sensitive product and therefore once sold it can never be returned. However, the company is keen on the product review to see where there could be some improvements.

What time does HEB close?

It varies from one store to another but most of the open from 8 am to 8 pm and some go as far as to 11 pm.

How many stores does HEB have?

There are over 340 stores with the biggest being at HEB stores in San Antonio TX. Some of the major stores in Texas can be found on HEB 1604 and Blanco, HEB 281 and Evans, HEB 78251, HEB 78216, HEB 78232, HEB 78258.


There you go now; you now are ready to make that very important decision that will shape your coffee drinking experience. HEB stands out and perhaps you could try one that fits your description and that is HEB to you. All in all, you must not rely on other people’s experience as your tongue and mouth are capable of doing this. This review will help you make important decisions going forward hence opening you to the world of a wide range of coffee with different flavors at your proposal. You can share your experience as you shop at Amazon to help other interested clients make a decision. To inquire more you can make a call to customer care or visit HEB San Antonio TX.

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