The 6 Best Peets Coffee Reviews (For Coffee Lovers)

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Peet’s is a household name when it comes to coffee in the United States. But where did it come from? Best Peets Coffee whose name originates from one Alfred Peet is a specialty coffee roaster that was founded in 1966.  Peer’s introduced the dark roasted Arabica coffee to the US which was quite different from the already types in the market.

Since then Peet’s has offered freshly roasted beans, brewed coffee, and espresso beverages together with the cold brew that is bottled. Having learned about the humble beginnings of the coffee, the fundamental question is which Peet’s type is the best? This review seeks to review the six major coffee brands which will help the consumer make a decision that is from an informed perspective. Currently, Peet’s coffee can be found in over 14,200 grocery stores across the US. Additionally, Peet’s coffee blends can be found at your online store such as Amazon.

01. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend K-Cup Coffee Pods for Keurig Brewers

The idea came from one of the consumer called Key Dickason, a sergeant. in 1969. Mr. Peet worked using local gourmand and coffee aficionado to improve it. After some different tried sample combinations Pet’s best seller coffee was arrived at.  The result was awesome that it has to be named after Dickason.  Major Dickason is a combination of the best coffees grown in the most fertile regions done with a pursuit for perfection. It has been roasted using the hand where all the five senses and not computers are used to ensure that there is fine-tuning. Now with a number of decades behind us, since it was launched, Dickason’s blend has become a blend that has been promoted from a sergeant to a major. It enhances Peet’s flavorful, deep roasted, and satisfying blend of the company.

Product Description

Flavor Name: Major Dickason’s

Brand: Peet’s Coffee

Item Form: Pods

Roast Level: Dark roast

Flavor: Major Dickason’s

Caffeine Content: Caffeinated

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee.


  • Dark brew coffee with great Aroma
  • Consistent quality over the years
  • Appetizing packaging


  • Unsealed K Cups and defective pods
  • No return policy in case of a defect

02. Peet’s Expect More Coffee Whole Bean Major Dickason’s, 2 lbs

This blend has been Berkley’s original since 1969 and has very faithful enthusiasts and can be easily found in supermarkets and online shops. The fans love this blend as the coffee has a rich, spicy, and chocolatey sweetness. It is complex and the flavor fives smoky, toast notes, and deep sweetness. Though quite pricey it fulfills the customers’ desires for a fresh, whole bean and recently roasted coffee. The three months of freshness seems to be a hindrance for many coffee drinkers as the shipping seems to take several weeks. There seems to be quite a variation in terms of taste between that which is bought at the store and that ordered online. Above, it is coffee that can be easily loved by many when fresh thereby one of the few options that can be served in a gathering.

Product description

Brand: Peet’s Coffee Evaxo

Item Form: Whole Bean

Flavor: Major Dickason’s Dark Roast

Container type: Bag

Weight: 32 Ounces

Whole bean coffee

Responsibly sourced


Dark roasted flavor


  • It is flesh, whole-bean and roasted recently
  • It’s a good robust flavor
  • Great for both hot and cold drinks
  • Does not have acidity associated with darker coffee


  • Quite pricy
  • Not as fresh as it is in the store.
  • Its best before date is so soon.

03. Peet’s Coffee Decaf House Blend K-Cup Coffee Pods for Keurig Brewers,

Who cannot be attracted to the bright, balanced flavors and medium body make of this blend? Mr. Peet names it as a starter coffee and always recommended it to get the customers acclimated before introducing another range of flavors. This blend is just a perfect introduction to the signature style showcasing Alfred Peet’s venture into rich and distinct coffees. The coffee is high grown with fine quality and roasted deeply to maximize flavor. The Latin blend is not only sweet but la dark roast that is lively. The Peet’s recyclable K-Cup pods for Keurig brewers are compatible. By sourcing, the rich flavor is part of Peet’s commitment to ensuring that the richest quality standards are maintained. Furthermore with 100% Arabica coffee and kosher certification then you can sure that quality is guaranteed.  Lastly, the pack contains 6 boxes of 10K-Cup pods of Decaf House Blend dark roast coffee that is a total of 60 K-Cups.

Product Description

Flavor: Decaf house blend

Size: Dark Roast

Brand: Peet’s Coffee

Item Form: K-Cup Pods

Roast level: Dark-roast

Caffeine Content: Decaffeinated.


  • Captivating flavor
  • It is an easier solution
  • Great taste


  • Misleading description
  • Defective K-Cups

04. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend, Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee,

Product Description

The chief customer Major Dickason is behind this blend. He together with Mr. Peet conceived this rich and flavorful taste of Peet.  It is such an incomparable world blend, rich, complex, and full-bodied. Since its inception, Mr. Pett has strived to roast the best beans and therefore He has always cared for communities that grow such beans. To brew the beans you will need to find your favorite blend or roast. They could be whole beans or ground coffee, dark or light.  Brew a pot of Peet’s ground or whole bean coffee in a blend and roast perfect for your preferred taste. Light roasts are mild and smooth while medium roasts are smooth and aromatic and the dark roast coffee is smoky and full-bodied. The directions are that you need to measure 2 tablespoons of ground coffee to a cup with 6oz. Brew then your coffee is ready.

Brand: Peet’s Coffee

Item Form: Whole Bean

Roast level: Dark-roast

Flavor: Major Dickason’s Blend

Caffeine Content: Caffeinated


  • Dark and Rich with no bitterness
  • It is authentic and smells like coffee


  • The beans need thorough care otherwise they may lose the freshness.

05. Peet’s Coffee, Major Dickason’s Blend, Dark Roast, Whole Bean 32oz (2 Pack)

It is a common blend and one of the best from Peet’s. The roasts are made in batches done ordering therefore you can always have the fresh one every time. Getting this quality stuff will in a 2ib package. The stuff is 100% confirmed from Arabica, the home of quality products. The return policy for such a product is that if you are unsatisfied with the product you will return it at your costs. If the mistakes are on the manufacturer you will get a refund. The costs for returning it may be higher in consideration of the exchange. Since the freshness lasts for three months, you need to ensure you order a product that will reach in time and always check the expiry period. Its packaging ensures that not even a smell could be noticed as it is delivered. To enhance the sweetness you can add some bit of vanilla and cinnamon.

Product Description

Flavor name: Major Dickason’s Dark Roat

Brand: Peet’s Coffee

Item Form: Whole Bean

Roast Level: Dark roast.

Caffeine Content: Caffeinated.

Weigh: 2ibs

Shape: 32oz


  • Good value for money
  • Excellent quality
  • Awesome Packaging


  • No favorable return policy

06. Peets Coffee, Major Dickason’s Blend, Whole Bean 32oz (Pack of2)

Product Description

This is original flavor has been a Berkley original coffee since 1969. The fans find it to be rich, full of spices, complex and multi-layered flavor. It has a strong full-flavored taste which is more appealing than the pre-ground bags. This coffee comes in a package of two which are shipped together. Additionally, its freshness life shelf is 90 days. If not consumed fast it will end up becoming stale thereby disappointing. When flowing through the filter it takes some time which will need for adequate adjustment.  However, the upside is that the ground stays intact with the water for a longer period which makes it more robust.

Brand: Peet’s Coffee

Item Form: Whole Bean

Flavor: Original

Caffeine Content: Caffeinated

Container type: Bag

Whole bean coffee

Responsibly sourced


  • Sealed immediately after being roasted.
  • The flavor is rich and full-bodied
  • Has reasonable prices


  • Can inconvenience the drinker if needs to take a drink urgently.
  • Challenges with its delivery as it takes months making lose its freshness
  • Poor return policy and customer care.

Considerations when choosing coffee Best Peets Coffee Review

Peet’s Coffee Bean Type

There are two main types of coffee which are Arabica Beans and Robusta Beans which originate from a variety of spies of a coffee tree.  Arabica is grown in South America and some in Africa. These produce the best and highly-priced coffee though they take time to grow and the plants are prone to pests. Robusta beans are grown in Africa and Indonesia and they tend to be harsh in taste, therefore, less priced. Though they are not much priced like Arabica, good quality Robusta coffee is better than the poor quality of Arabica.

There are three types of coffee you can select from. They include the whole bean, ground, and instant. You need to ensure that there is a balance of state and convenience. Whole beans coffee is the best in terms of taste but you have to grind the beans. Therefore you need to get a grinder which may not be that convenient in terms of time. Ground coffee bypasses the grinding process as it has already been ground. However, it is not as free as some of its flavor by the time of drinking it has been lost. The instant coffee requires the drinker to add just pretty easy water but this coffee can taste quite harsh and bitter. You should avoid this option unless you are pressed with time or other constraining circumstances.

Best Peets Coffee The features


Coffee can be found in four categories of roasts. Light, medium, dark, and then the darkest roast. The light roasts have a high content of caffeine but contain a mild and low acidity flavor. As you proceed to the darkest the flavor gets fuller with low amounts of caffeine.


 The name is the short form of decaffeinated coffee. Important to note is that this coffee still contains some amount of caffeine. Its taste is not as good as that of a standard coffee but it’s an option for those persons sensitive to caffeine.

Coffee Prices

Coffee packs cost from as lows as $5 to the highs of $50. This depends on its quality and packaging size. To get the true costs is to compare the price per ounce for the Peet’s beans.

Best before dates

The best coffee is that which is fresh and not stale. As an individual or family, you must ensure that coffee bough from Peet’s is consumed before going bad. If a packet is consumed within a month, therefore it is important to get that which will run you through that month before it goes bad. Best before dates are normally written on the packing bag. When ordering online you need to confirm with the customer care team. This must be adhered to if you need to have a fulfilling experience enjoying your best coffee.


How convenient is it to get your favorite coffee? Peet’s coffee can be found in over 14,000 groceries and stores around the United States. Alternatively, you can order from an online store such as Amazon. When ordering online, you need to factor in the delivery time so that it does not inconvenience you. If you reside near a store and have plenty of time, you should visit physically and buy your favorite Peet’s. However, if the circumstances are dire you may need to order via Amazon and they will deliver it to you.

Once they have been opened, the coffee beans need to seal in an airtight container, away from sunlight and at room temperature.  Peet recommends that you consume any bag of Peet’s coffee beans within 12 weeks after the roasting date.

How to choose a grind

Peet’s gives varieties of custom grind to choose from depending on the brewing method. The options are the coarsest to finest: A whole bean (not ground), the press pot or percolator, drip, and Peet’s coffee espresso.  From each option, it has been designed to offer the best and perfectly balanced cup based. Important to note is that not all coffee is available to grind but for the best experience it is recommended a whole bean coffee be done at home.

How is coffee decaffeinated?

There are two processes which are the direct contact and the water process method.  The direct contact uses methylene chloride which is the most successful solvent known.  This process allows for the fullest flavored and the best taste possible. The water process involves using hot water to remove caffeine. This process involves creating a flavor-rich solution by soaking the green beans in water.  The beans are then filtered from the water. The fresh batch is then soaked in the green coffee solution which has molecules full of Peet’s  coffee flavor. The beans are then removed from the solution, dried, and ready for roasting.


The packaging is an important factor that needs worthwhile attention. Packaging must preserve the coffee to its freshness while ensuring that it is delivered safely.  The coffee bags are to be sealed through the process of Nitrogen Flushing to ensure they remain fresh. This process is completely safe and is also used to package food products such as potato chips. Avoid coffee packed using glue or staples.

Best Peets Coffee Review
Safety Health Concerns

Some concerns need to be taken into consideration. Among the hot discussion online is the presence of gluten in coffee. While Peet’s coffee is not certified as gluten-free, coffee beans naturally do not have any gluten. Peet’s has ensured that there is no cross-contamination with gluten in its roasting process and the supply chain as well.

On the nutritional value, research has found out that black coffee that is prepared with water has 2 calories for every 8oz which is an equivalent of a cup drink.  Since it does not have a lot of nutrients it has been exempted from any labeling on the same. Not all Peet’s coffees are Fair Trade Certified; the company has ensured that it has a close working relationship with the produces and other chain suppliers to ensure that only high-quality coffee is served responsibly.

As part of the health concerns, the presence of additives is a concern. Fortunately, Peet’s coffee foes do not contain any additives. The flavor notes that are on the coffee bags are what have been identified as a unique feature in that particular coffee.

Reader also ask

Why should choose fair trade coffee?

Fairtrade coffee means that the farmers have been paid well for the coffee which they grow. It, therefore, helps to alleviate poverty for the farmers mostly in developing countries. If you want to promote such farmers and thank the company then go ahead and make a purchase. Peet’s is a big fan of this.

How do I keep coffee fresh?

Once the coffee beans have been opened they are no longer 100% protected even with their sealed package. Ensure that you get an airtight container and keep them at room temperature. The containers should not allow light inside or alternatively, you can put it in a dark spot.

How much coffee should be used per cup when brewing?

For an excellent result, ensure that you measure 2 tablespoons which are about 10 grams of ground coffee for each 6 oz., 180 ml of water. Using cold water that is filtered is the best. It is recommended that it be a measure to ensure that proper proportions are used.

Why was the change in the size of the Peet’s coffee bags in the grocery stores?

Coffee from Peet’s is the highest price from the world’s best-growing regions that are in high demand.  The adjustment on the sizes did not affect the quality and was necessary so to deliver this same coffee in an environment where the costs of production and doing business are increasingly going up. It then ensured that the farmers and other stakeholders are supported effectively.

Are the packaging bags made of and can they be recycled?

The bags are made of a very strong polythene material called Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). This plastic is used mostly to package foods and aluminum. Therefore they can be recycled but laws on this may differ from one state to another. Consult the governing authorities for more.

Why are the prices on Amazon different from those I see online?

The coffee bought at Peet’s official website and in the coffee bars is sold in 1lb which is about (16oz) bags while coffee bought at other retailers is offered in smaller sizes of about 11oz. to 12oz. sizes.  Furthermore is your order directly you get roasted to order and is shipped within 24 hours which is the same as in Amazon to maintain the freshness.


Pet’s coffee has been known as the leader is quality coffees that are roasted with mastery and carefulness for full flavor. The variety of coffee types have pushed it up the ladder to satisfy the customers’ hunger. By shopping for it you can be assured of a bold and rich flavor that will make you long for more.

The company has invested in its capital force to ensure that it keeps in touch with the needs of the clients and still maintain its market leadership spot. Even so, there are some quite shortcomings with the major being its freshness when ordering online. The three months best sale offer seems to get many people off-guard. It is the area that they need to improve on. The other motivating issue is the fact that it has invested in the communities by supporting them with both farming skills and timely payment to enable them to take care of their needs. Get you now and you will get an answer to if Peet’s coffee is good.

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