The 10 Best Trader Joe’s Coffee Reviews (For Coffee Lovers)

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It is not a secret that Best Trader Joe’s Coffee is a leader in the market from the consumer statistics for the year 2019.  Among the supermarkets, its painted signs and customer care it’s a joy always to shop at. The coffee department is strategically situated on the shelf which easily attracts prospective clients even when they had no intention of shopping.

Interestingly, over many years, the intense discussion on the lips of people is over the varieties, which one is the best of Trader Joe’s Coffee. Whether you are an economical person or a spendthrift you can be well assured that there is a taste among Trader Joe’s Coffee. Finding the right brewer indeed needs both skill and knowledge. This review seeks to provide the reader with adequate guidance so as one to make an informed decision. Below are the descriptions with their pros and cons.

01. Trader Joe’s Wintry Blend Ground Coffee

In winter-like weather, Trader Joe’s Wintry is the ideal coffee to rejuvenate you out of the entire coldish weather. It comes with a pleasant flavor it is made from a mix of dark-medium roast of Arabica beans. Additionally, it comes along with green and red peppercorns and cinnamon to crown it. It is a flavored coffee with cinnamon and tones of clove and nutmeg that makes it delicious. The coffee is packed in a 14 Oz canister and pre-grounded only to be brewed. Lastly, its spices are distributed to ensure that every wintry blended cup of tea is worthy of a pour. The caffeine in it helps to build a perfect mood to start off the daily routine. The product delivery and the packaging ensure that its delivery is safe and free from contamination. In comparison to its peers in the market, the flavor is not slightly below bar level. The cinnamon is sparingly applied.


Brand: Trader Joe’s

Roast Level: Medium roast

Caffeine Content: Caffeinated

Weight: 14 Ounces.


Quite pleasant and delicious

Excellent packaging


High-quality coffee

02/ Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Trader Joe’s Cold Brew is a very good quality coffee courtesy of Arabica beans. You can be sure of hosting at least 10 persons from coffee on an 8-ounce cup of coffee. It comes with a glass bottle that is ideal for safe shipping. As a cold brew, there is hardly any external heat influence on the plastic. Since it’s a cold-brewed coffee its acidity is 50 percent less than that of a hot one. Therefore, its acidity level is at 5pH which can be taken using a pH strip. Though not a stronger concentrate, you can choose either to add milk or not. The plastic packaging rather than glass makes it easier to be shopped as glass packaging can be easily prone to breaking. Even after following the directions of diluting with water or milk the taste still remains bitter.


Brand: Trader

Joe’s Flavor: Coffee

Diet Type: Kosher

Specialty: Kosher

Container Type: Bottle


Makes 12-8 ounce

It is 100% Arabica beans.

Its caffeine content is not listed.

Obsessive and Addictive

Easily available even via online

Awesome packing by the plastic.

03. Trader Joes Autumn Maple Ground Coffee

The caffeinated drink is a well-thought curated drink that is 100% made from Arabica beans. These Arabica beans are imported from Central America, Colombia, and Brazil. It has a well-balanced flavor which is made using the real Vermont maple syrup. So, each cup serves you as it is complemented with some pancakes. To enhance the sweetness then, you need to add some milk and sugar to the brew and you will appreciate the presence of robust maple. Flavored coffees did this way research has shown that they can really encourage the coffee drinker to make follow-ups of sip after sips. Even after labeling, it as maple, there is nothing that tastes like it. It is bitter. The lack of enough maple makes it look like a cheat. It is a product that can be found during a specific time. Its lovers need to order plenty of it when they are in the market if they are to use it daily


Brand: Trader Joe’s Coffee

Item form: Ground

Roast level: Light roast

Flavor: Maple

Caffeine Content: Caffeinated


It is a seasonal coffee

It is a bulk trader Joe’s coffee whereby one gets 2 new flavors

Each bag weighs 14 oz.

A 100% Arabica Ground Coffee with natural flavors.

Has unique flavor

Packaging is super secure

04. Trader Joes Instant Coffee Packets 3 boxes

The coffee has been ranked to be one of the best flavored coffees you can find in the grocery. By being in the market for over two decades, it has proved to be part and parcel of the households serving both the young and the old generations. Its production ensures that it is always flesh as a result of its excellent packaging. For individuals who love natural tastes then will find it hard trying to buy this coffee as it has quite a number of flavors. Besides visiting the grocery to buy one, it can be ordered online via Amazon and delivered straight to your home in no time. However, the price difference between ordering online and buying from the store is extremely unreasonable. The pre-blended coffee has both cream and sweetener that makes it stand out from their peer which is referred to as the Trader Joe’s coffee creamer.


Brand: Trader Joe’s

Caffeine content: Caffeinated

Product Specification: 4.2 Ounce

Packaging dimensions: 1.05 Pounds.

Expiry dates printed on the box



Loved by the older generations

Very delicious

05. Trader Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Wake Up Blend Coffee

Maybe it is time to wake up and smell the coffee as the name points. This particular statement means that it’s a great coffee to just make you start your day on the right note. This pre-ground blend is organically grown and has fair trade certifications. The 100% Arabica beans originate from Peru, Honduras, Mexico, and El Salvador. These regions have invested heavily in ensuring that these standards and maintained and promoted.  These quality beans are medium roasted bringing the best flavors. The result is a smooth and well-balanced cup that has bright acid and a touch of sweetness.


Brand: Trader Joe’s.

Flavor: Coffee

Caffeine Content: Caffeinated

Weight: 1.8 Pounds

Product Specifications: 28 Ounce.



Robust Packaging

Lasts longer

Easy to grind

One can make 105 Trader Joe’s k cups of coffee

It is suitable for medium roasts.

It can be used from whole beans only

06. Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Medium Roast Coffee

Pumpkin lovers will love the way the pumpkin spices and the medium roast flavor really get together. This product is one of the first that has an adequate amount of favor. However, the pumpkin flavor is not overwhelming as it lets the coffee shine. A little vanilla creamer will surely complement this perfectly. Conversely, to enjoy it better you may need to try adding some amount of sugar and milk to enhance its sweetness. Furthermore, just like many other coffee brands, it has some levels of acidity and bitterness. To others, the flavor may seem quite unnatural to taste. It is loved much during the winter and autumn season.  Its taste leaves no bitter taste after taking it. On such cold times, Trader Joe’s winter wakes up tea can be another option for the coffee.


Brand: Trader Joe’s

Roast level: Medium roast

Flavor: Pumpkin spice

Caffeine content: Caffeinated

Container Type: Box


Delicious flavor

Roast Medium flavored.

Each sip is likened to a bite of pumpkin pie

A great taste of seasonal coffee

Additional tastes that reduce the bitterness

07. Trader Joe’s Organic Columbian Coffee 12 single-serve cups

Just like the name suggest it’s one of the best coffee as it is organically extracted. The South American beans are dull brown in appearance and their smells are just exactly what you could love to wake up to in the morning. A captivating smell! It is very expensive and delicious as well but the most preferred of the medium ground flavor.  Its flavor blends well with the coffee giving with young people preferring it mostly. This coffee tastes great with many of its users becoming addicted deeply to taking it on a daily basis. Its taste and flavor are loved by the person across all age groups. You can get it at the store. If far away from the store, Amazon has proved to be effective when ordering this coffee. It delivers it soonest time possible hence becoming convenient.


Brand: Trader Joe’s

Caffeine content: Caffeinated

Specialty: Organic

Product: 24 count

Product dimensions: 1.2 pounds


Reasonable price

Great taste

Easy to Order

08. Trader Joe’s Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Trader Joe’s coffee is a cool option for emergency preparation or a quickie set up. You just need to have some hot water and the rest is enjoying your favorite drink. With just $2 you will get 10 packets of this coffee which comes with powdered creamer and sugar in these packets, such a minimal investment can ensure that your coffee escapades keep going on. Instant coffee is not that common coffee in many households.  Most people prefer freshly brewed coffee to the instant. However, it is a good option for those who do not like the coffee being black. The medium roast has a smooth flavor and does not leave a bitter taste once taken. Due to its superior and unique taste, it has become part and parcel of very many families’ breakfast meals.


Brand: Trader Joe’s

Item Form: Ground

Roast Level: Medium roast

Caffeine Content: Caffeinated

Weight: 14 Ounces.


Awesome taste

No bitterness



It is blended in Arabica coffee beans

09. Trader Joe’s Colombia Supreme Whole Bean Coffee

There is nothing much to write home about this but coffee that is quite unpopular just ranked as average. This is just a simple and real coffee though the packaging can really stand out. It is one of the relatively cheap coffee drinks in comparison to Trader Joe’s Kona or Trader Joe’s Geisha Coffee. For those who are addicts of caffeine and this offers that in full measure. You can grind it at home and enjoy your drink without any disturbance. Better ensure that you get your own grinder as sharing one may distort the flavor.  Its sweetness and cocoa-ish notes are something that may make you try it. Its packaging quantity and the price is quite a rip off in term of its value for money. Return Policy: Once you have bought there is no way you can return it to the manufacturer


Brand: Trader Joe’s

Item form: whole bean

Roast level: Medium roast

Caffeine Content: Caffeinated

Weight: 1 pound




Excellent flavors

It is Trader Joe’s Columbia Supremo Coffee

It has a sweet and rich taste

Its packaging is 14 oz.

10. Trader Joe’s Bay Blend 24 oz

It’s quite addictive once used over time. Just like many coffee brands from Trader Joe’s coffee, this is one rich and full of flavor. The ultra-dark roast has served many families for over 20 years becoming a household item. The producers have invested in ensuring that its packaging will let not this amazing product. On the other hand, the flavors may not be loved by drinkers who love to drink real coffee. Furthermore, the price difference between ordering online and at the grocery has been a subject of discussion over the internet with some calling for action to protest the consumers.


Brand: Trader Joe’s.

Item form: Whole bean

Roast Level: Dark roast

Flavor: Ultra dark roast

Caffeine Content: Caffeinated


Great taste

Balanced flavors

Served for long

Excellent packaging

It is Ultra dark roast

Rich and full flavor

It is 100% Arabica bean coffee

It is flesh due to Nitrogen flushing can

Its weight is 24 oz.

Best Trader Joe’s Coffee review Buying Guide

Choosing the right coffee is not an easy task. Many persons have ended up ordering the already made from shops. That should be a thing of the past and it is now easy to choose and even order for that which fits you. Below are the key factors that can be considered when shopping along with when going to shop Trader Joe’s coffee at your favorite store or online on Amazon.

Therefore remember these few tips when buying the best premium coffee. Among the varieties, whether it’s Trader Joe’s Kona coffee, Trader Joe’s Santa ana, Trader Joe’s pinon coffee, or Trader Joe’s Turkish honey you can be sure to get your match.

Whole Bean or Pre grounded Coffee?

Whole bean

If you are buying bulk coffee then the whole bean is the best option. It is because it can last for a longer period while maintaining its qualifying status.  This will require you to get a coffee grinder. A good grinder will cost you around $32. As COVID 19 continues to ravage the countries, these could be an option to avoid the risk of close contact with the disease by frequently visiting the public scenes

Pre-grounded coffee

This is an option that can be opted for. It saves time used to prepare a whole grain. However, you need to be careful to check how is the package. Grounded coffee needs to be airtight as the more it enters the bag the more stale this coffee will be.

Checking the labeling

The fact that it is Trader Joe’s coffee, it’s quite important to check the label. Most clients expect that the more expensive coffee is its weight. Ensure that you have confirmed its weight before buying. Also, check on the roast weight. Always order or pick that which was roasted in the past six months to a year.

The next step is looking at its origin. If you notice that there is no affiliation on where it comes from then it could be well if you avoid it as buying it may be a bitter cup from Trader Joe’s. With a listed origin, it means that they are picky about their supply chain with a consistent flavor that is natural and not from artificial flavors or too much roasting.

It’s Price

You must know that the higher the price isn’t a guarantee that the product will be better. A coffee expert rubbishes this theory and affirms that the more expensive coffee beans are, the higher is their quality. From preparing the land to plant, farming practices either organic or non-organic, and the type of the bean have a cost. This affects the final cost of the coffee bean. However, the price isn’t more relatable to the quality of the bean though you will need to keep this in mind.

Still, on price, you don’t need to break the bank to satisfy your needs. There are budget coffees that can still serve the same purpose as the expensive one though with a little bit of low quality.

Seasonal Coffee

Some coffee is only stocked during a certain season. The lovers of such a brand of coffee will find it nowhere in the store to purchase when the season is over. Therefore it will force people to make bulky purchases to take them through the seasons. Another option is to buy whole beans which can last longer and grind them on a need basis.

Level of Caffeine Content

High caffeine content can become a health hazard for some people. In the market, not all coffee has caffeine and some have limited content. One has to consider this when making purchases. Alternatively, you can inquire from the doctor about the best coffee that will fit into your health situation at the given time.

The level of caffeine usually varies greatly depending on how they are blended, brewed, and the type of the bean. Removing caffeine is done before it is roasted from the green coffee beans. The green beans are steamed and the out layer is removed that contains caffeine before being returned to their natural moisture content level then roasted. Besides low caffeine content is checking for low acid coffee in grocery stores.

Flavor and Sweetness enhances

Not all coffee has flavors while some have enhanced coffee flavor which is loved by a section of its consumers. Also, some individuals love it bitter while some love it sweet. Therefore you need to confirm this from the label before making purchases. If one is not able to make these distinctions you can but a sample and taste before making bulky purchases.

People to serve

Mostly in the US, individuals are living with their families while some are staying alone. For families, one needs to consider the coffee that will be accepted and enjoyed by many. Buying different types of coffee brands may be costly to the family. For those staying alone and do not expect frequent visitors, there is freedom of getting what you like.

Caffeine cravings

There are two types of coffee beans, Arabica and Robusta. Robusta is easy to grow and quite cheap while Arabica is the better option. Roasting is the process of turning the green beans into coffee that is ready to grind and brew. Ensure you get the right roast by looking at the labeling. Below are the types of roasts that you may consider.

  • Light roast produces beans with light brown color with a sour taste.
  • Medium roast as the name suggests is medium brown beans. They do not have oil on their surface and have a bright acidity.
  • Dark Roast has some oil on its surface with a rich color. Their acidity has faded and is complemented by caramelization of nuts, loaves of bread, chocolate, etc. Such examples are Trader Joe’s espresso which has chocolate
  • The darkest roast is shiny black with an oil surface. There could be some acidity to just liven the cup. Some can be extremely charred.

Process of growth

Organically grown coffee means that no synthetic fertilizer was used as well as industrial pesticides. The opposite is true. Coffee is grown across all tropical areas. Regional influences and level of soul fertility have created a difference in the tastes and smells.

Coffee Storage

Different brands package their coffee differently. A glass decorate well may look good but research has found out that it is not the best option. To maintain its freshness and flavor, it must be kept far away from moisture, lots of light, and a hat. Interestingly research by a world coffee organization has found out that, coffee can pick strong odors from its surrounding, thereby changing its flavor.

Characteristics of the brew

Some jargon are used to describe a type of brewed coffee.  Knowing these words can help you make an informed decision. Some of this jargon is explained below.

Astringent refers to dry with a feel of unripe fruit or over-brewed tea. Balanced refers to a 50-50 percent sour and bitter but not flat. Body refers to the feelings of fullness and some weight in the mouth. Cereal is likened to a cooked wheal cereal. Cooked are those that have been heated for a long.

Earthy has aromas of potato or the roots of vegetables. Bright coffee has a good acidity level and it’s clean and light. Unripe coffee refers to unripe beans. Nutty refers to the fresh toasted nuts and woody are damp with Popsicle stick. Therefore you can find a Trader Joe’s low acid coffee in either the store or via Amazon.


Ensure that the coffee you are taking is certified by an organization that is legally mandated. This will ensure that the consumer is protected from any harm that may arise from consuming them. Furthermore, being certified means that all the descriptions listed in the packaging material are true.

Colombian and Kona coffee is the best in the market due to its climate around the world. Getting coffee from these regions labeled on the packaging is a sure bet to taking quality coffee products though they could be quite expensive.

Acidity and Sweetness

The level of acidity of coffee signifies where the coffee comes from, its processing procedure and its storage criteria. Just like how sweetness, the acidity ranges from small to complex. Coffee naturally contains its naturally occurring sugars that are brought out during the roasting process. To even enhance it further, artificial sweeteners can be put as well as flavors.


Many times what makes a coffee enthusiast choose one brand over the other is their personal preferences.  Balance is defined as the harmony of all the flavor and bitterness of the coffee. If the balance is not attained then there is a likelihood of low uptake.

Reader also ask

1. How should coffee be stored?

It should be kept in a cool and dark area away from heat. There should be minimal light.  If you purchase large quantities just divide it into two and ensure the unused portion is art tight.

2. Will I return the coffee if it is delivered faulty?

Yes, you should return but first, you need to check with the return policy. Trader Joe’s packaging is above board as they ensure that they use plastic which is more favorable than glass. You are required to confirm the order first before confirming as it can be altered later.

3. How do I know the caffeine content?

Check with the labeling. Some do not have it labeled but you can make a call to its customer care for confirmation. Alternatively, you can consult your doctor more for advice. Do not consult friends who have used it and are not health personnel.

4. If I do not a health condition should I avoid taking coffee with caffeine?

This is a personal decision. Studies have shown that a lot of caffeine is not good for your body but the decision on whether to abstain or not should be a personal decision. Consulting the health personnel is crucial as well.


Almost half of the citizens of America take at least a cup of coffee daily. Therefore it does not matter if you are buying it from a grocery near you, supermarket, your favorite roasting company or receive it as a gift, we can agree that it could be either cheap just like it may be a Trader Joe’s.

However, the challenge is especially for the newbies is how you differentiate the taste that will fit me well. That is, which Trader Joe’s coffee isn’t bitter, too much flavored, bland or stale? This review has brought this out clearly and you can now confidently walk down to the store next to you and purchase. Or rather, you can order through amazon and you can be sure that you will be served with the right coffee as per your taste and need. You can always share your experience with us or in the review section.

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