The 7 Best Cafe Bustelo Coffee Reviews (For Coffee Lovers)

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cafe Bustelo coffee review is an American brand owned by The J.M Smucker Company. A young man, Gregorio Bustelo moved from Spain, his native, to Cuba as a young man and then moved to the United States in 1917. He founded the Cafe Bustelo coffee company in 1928 and his products became quite popular among the Cuban exiles who preferred it in Espresso coffeemakers than the then-common method of filtering. Later on, in 2000, the company was sold to Rowland Coffee roasters who later sold it to the current owners.

Three things have always inspired this coffee since then: love for delicious Latin coffee, supporting the community, and bringing people together. The dedication of the founders enabled them to brew high quality, espresso-style coffee which has been loved by its loyalists even today. Therefore this article seeks to review some of the products that Café Bustelo has designed intending to help you to make the right purchase that fits your need.

Reader also ask

Café Bustelo has been sold for many times, has it not compromised its quality?

It is true that since the brand’s inception it has exchanged ownership twice. However, the quality has remained the same as its values and the production process has not changed even an inch. Check even its design and colors, and you will realize that it is still the same.

Why is the coffee generally cheap than its peers?

Every business operates in a way that it can get clients and the cheapness of the coffee has not affected the quality. Rarely do people complain of a change of test. Our packaging as well could be a factor since it reduced the quantities to have the coffee consumed while fresh. Moreover, the packaging method used is simple which saves costs that could be used by its peers. However the packaging has been termed to be the worst, the company urges that caution is taken.

Why is the packaging of the coffee sometimes missing some items or having issues with the cans distorted?

These are isolated cases but the majority of these products are packed and shipped to perfection. In any case, you can contact your seller or get in touch with customer care for action and assistance. Notably some resellers do not accept taking them back and therefore before getting the product ensure that you have checked if they are secured.

There is no enough information about the type of beans and if the coffee has caffeine on the can. Why?

Some coffee has this information while some do not have it. However, you can confirm all this information with the seller and if you are ordering online you can check the product description and features as well.

Is Café Bustelo’s owners’ environment friendly and do they support communities?

This is a very important question. Yes, they support communities by ensuring that they pay them promptly and through its CSR work to uplift the infrastructure. Furthermore, they are environment friendly as their packaging material can be reused for other work.

Cafe Bustelo Café Bustelo Espresso Style Dark Roast Espresso Style Coffee

Product features

  • Six boxes of 12 K-Cup Pods.
  • Dark roast coffee brewed Espresso Style.
  • Old as over 100 years.

Rich Latin heritage after Bustelo lived in many Latin American cities. By living alongside other Hispanic immigrants, He drafted a secret blend of the rich and authentic Latin Coffee. It comes with the rich tradition of ‘handshakes’ with the modern convenience in Cafe Bustelo K-Cup pods. If you are thirsting for a classic sweet and creamy Hispanic flare or just a simple bold coffee, then this is what you should be checking. With its less than minute preparation, you can be sure to enjoy your timeless Sabor lation on demand. The K-Cup supplied is of high quality which has inert gas.


  • Dynamic coffee from its flavor, aroma, and acidity
  • A balanced and a unique taste
  • Fast and secure delivery.


  • The K-Cups are quite smaller
  • Inconsistent and poor packaging

Cafe Bustelo Dark Roast Coffee, Capsules for Machines, Espresso, 40 Count

Product Features

  • 4 boxes of 10 espresso Capsules.
  • The rich espresso-style coffee.
  • A single-serve capsule.

Just like the above coffee, this as well has its roots to the Latin roots among the Hispanic immigrants.  The coffee is such a convenient espresso capsule that can work well with the home espresso machine to deliver a distinct aroma that is rich, and full of flavor with just a touch of a button.  You need not add sugar or milk, and still, you can get the best coffee. There comes an issue where you drop the capsule in the machine. When closing to verify the cup, it is not catching on the capsule ridge before fully latching the machine closed.


  • Produces a lot of cream.
  • Works well with the Nespresso machine.
  • Flavor is quite intense and delicious


  • The flavor may be too much
  • K-Cups incompatible with the K-Cup machine.

Café Bustelo Coffee Espresso Ground Coffee Brick, 10 Ounces (Pack of 24)

Product features

  • 100% Arabica coffee.
  • Dark roasted and ground Cuban Coffee.
  • Can brew coffee, espressos, cappuccinos etc.

The coffee has a great flavor and is quite versatile which can be brewed using the home espresso maker to drink it as black or latte, or cold brew. The flavor is perfect with no acidity. Some companies brew their coffee so fine which is not the case with this one. On buying online, Amazon has the best price but it could be advisable that one buys in large quantities to save money. If you value freshness and taste, then you will realize that large quantities will not give you this as to the second batch the freshness will have changed. It comes in 6 oz. bricks with some reviewers complaining to be small but this has been the standard size for all coffees at Amazon.


  • It is value for money
  • It has excellent quality and taste
  • It is pre-ground


  • Poor customer care
  • The flavor is not consistent.

Cafà Bustelo Coffee Espresso, 10 Ounce (Pack of 4)

Product Features

  • The number one selling Cuban coffee.
  • The 0.63 pounds coffee is caffeinated.
  • It is a 100% coffee.

The number one Cuban coffee is packed in 10 and 6oz. brick pack or in a 10 and 36oz can. This gives the user a variety to choose from according to their preference. The coffee is finely ground and the paper number 4 cone filter will work well. Using a washable filter will result in a disappointing result with the residue. To make espresso coffee at home the only sure method is using a Nespresso machine. However, Nespresso may be quite pricey; you can use an old-style inexpensive stovetop espresso maker with Cafe Bustelo. It will come out with a full rich taste. It also works well with heated milk producing a lovely taste.


  • A rich and smooth intense flavor.
  • Full-bodied with a creamy taste and has varieties.
  • Can be brewed in different ways


  • Too much caffeine content.
  • Loved by the older generation only.

Café Bustelo Coffee, Espresso Ground Coffee, 10 Ounces, 4 Count

Product Features

  • Contains about 4-10 ounce cans.
  • It is made of 100% pure, and high-quality coffee beans
  • Has a robust, full-bodied flavor of Espresso.

Its packaging varies but it majorly comes in a 10-ounce Cans in a pack of 4. It is ready to be brewed your way. You can use electric machines or manual coffee makers which are ideal for drip coffee, espressos, cappuccinos, and more other coffee drinks. It is the best option when you feel lazy of preparing coffee through a long process and the best if you have a mocha pot and some steamed milk. This ground coffee stands out with or without adding cream or sugar. Before the downgrade, to 10 ounces it used to be packed at 16 ounces an issue that some customers did not take lightly as they preferred a price per pound is displayed.


  • Easily prepared using different methods.
  • Wonderful and Robust
  • Nice rich and dark coffee


  • Poor packaging
  • Reduced the packaging from 16 oz. to 10oz.

Cafe Bustelo Coffee Espresso, 36-Ounce Cans (Pack of 2)

Product Features

  • Pack of two with each being 36-ounce cans.
  • Dark roast that is caffeinated.
  • It is vacuum packed.

Once you have had a chance to taste this coffee many people have dropped all the rest and embraced it. This 4.5 pounds coffee can be brewed using your favorite method and its idea for Demi-tasse, Cappuccino, Espresso, or iced coffee. Its flavor is so strong without altering the taste. The coffee is not available on a courser ground which is not helpful to those people who use reusable K-Cup pod. Thought it works anyway it comes out slower and concentrated though it is a strong coffee. Though strong, it does not have that much acid. If you are having some health challenges with yourself, it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor.


  • It is delicious
  • Easy ordering and fast delivery from Amazon
  • Least acidic but strong coffee


  • Poor packaging and delivery
  • Misleading information on the title

Café Bustelo Coffee, Espresso Ground Coffee Brick, 10 Ounces, 4 Count

Product Features

  • Packaged in a box.
  • Its net weight is 10 ounces.
  • It comes in the company’s original colors

This coffee is very concentrated and quite dark but not bitter. This is quite smooth and flavorful coffee which has some deep notes of chocolate. You need to put three tablespoons into filter number 2 and pour enough water over it to dampen it. Let it bloom for a minute then pour out coffee until the cup is full. It is quite strong therefore it is recommended that less coffee be used so the four packs can get you through some time. The idea of the espresso is providing a delicious caffeine jolt and this finely grounded coffee does not disappoint.


  • It is a great flavor and aroma
  • Brews well in a drip filter and espresso machine.
  • Great, fast, and quality shipping


  • It quite expensive
  • An overdose may cause nausea

Cafe Custelo Coffee Review

Are you a coffee drinker who always longs their coffee to hit them as hard as a Monday morning? Or you are just a sucker for the best deal. Whichever way there is a brand that fits your preference. Coffee technology has been reinvented since the first time coffee was served centuries ago. Learn how to make Cafe Bustelo in a drip coffee maker.  Here is a quick guide to aid you in choosing your coffee which has many aspects to be factored in. The most important factor to consider is where is Cafe Bustelo from and how to brew Cafe Bustelo.

Tips when choosing the right coffee


Cafe Bustelo will never disappoint when it comes to affordability. This brand has been a long-term preference when it comes to money consciousness and sorting out broke students as well. It is one of the most affordable brands around. When searching online you can be sure to find a brand that costs less than $0.40 per ounce. This, therefore, means that you can get a pound of it in just under $10. Note that what affects the price too is Cafe Bustelo espresso caffeine content

Cafe Bustelo Coffee Review (Availability)

Once you have identified your favorite coffee its availability is crucial. You will need the coffee brand that can be found on demand. Therefore this category goes hand in hand with the above. Cafe Bustelo which is affordable can be found just everywhere. The company has ensured that there are just enough to satisfy the demand of the clients and rarely will you find missing more-so on Amazon or any other online store. Alternatively, you can visit the grocery or store next door.

Cafe Bustelo Coffee Review (Cupping)

The supreme line is 100% Arabica and so it has a significantly different price and flavor.  It is public knowledge that the supreme line is positive and many Bustelo fans have always recommended sticking with the tried and tested original and thereby saving some extra cash. The company has always striven to ensure that it produces the best quality of coffee that will compete favorably in the market.

Best Cafe Bustelo Coffee Review

Culture and Traditions

Every product originates from somewhere and this applies to the Bustelo coffee. This coffee is popular among the Cuban people and the Hispanic immigrants who live in the United States. Since its inception, its large following has been this clique of individuals who have stuck by it since then. This is as a result of the coffee resonating with the taste they liked and the coffee brewed coming from Cuba. Thus, if you come from this area or can relate to this culture then get to try this coffee, and there are high chances that you will love it.

Cafe Bustelo Coffee Review (Taste)

Taste can be relative, right? Since one man’s meat is another man’s poison. The bone of contention based on the quality of Bustelo is its taste. Its cup is bold and intensely bitter with the slightest hint of raisin-like fruit underneath. This rich flavor is distinct from the Latin American coffee culture which is known for being a rather divisive profile to the American coffer users. Coming to think of it, if the taste has always been horrible then this company could not have come this long. Coffee such as Cafe Bustelo espresso, Cafe Bustelo instant coffee, Cafe Bustelo espresso ground coffee, and Cafe Bustelo whole bean all have different tastes.


Another stronghold of Cafe Bustelo is its strength where it has won over plenty of the coffee fans.  Because this brand mostly uses Robusta beans as the main component, they tend to pack an incredible caffeine punch. Though this decision may hurt their performance in other areas, the strength of this brew is undisputed as it is enough to jump-start your morning incredibly. This then can mean that it stands up well against a healthy addition of milk.


This is a critical aspect that people have against this brand.  Its body tends to be quite heavy. So for an individual not used to a denser cup will find this brew quite oppressive. This feature can be coated by switching to other methods which will still give you the best results.  Therefore is you have an issue in sipping a heavier brew, you can opt to use a paper filter. Then you will be able to keep some thicker oils from making it to the final cup.

Quantity to be purchased

There is no limit on how much coffee you can buy. However, it is recommended that you should buy that which you can use up within the three to four weeks of opening.  If you want to buy different kinds of Cafe Bustelo coffee or any other brands and open them at once then buy in small quantities of each kind. During the storage, time ensure that it is ut in an airtight container. During this time the other sealed bags or cans should remain in that state.

Type of coffee

You must be very careful with the type of coffee other than its qualities. Arabica coffee is generally expensive than Robusta. This is so because Arabica coffee is grown under very careful process and they are prone to diseases easily. The outcome for Arabica is very evident as its coffee taste better than Robusta. However, you may find Arabica coffee not of good quality in relation to Robusta. Therefore as a farmer you need to be careful when choosing the right coffee. Generally coffee with bad qualities will cost less than its peers.

How to make Cafe Bustelo Espresso

A horde of coffee lovers have an issue on how to make good coffee. Some of them will hire people to make it for them while others will buy a ready-made coffee. What is driving them to this is the fear of the unknown of it they can prepare it on their own. However preparation of this Latin originated drink is quite simple. Brewing Cafe Bustelo’s coffee to the Cuban coffee standards does justice to its distinctly Latin American roots and profile. What is required using this method is sugar, coffee, and a Moka pot. To make it simply brews some coffee in the Moka pot or using whatever you have on hand. Next, measure one tablespoon of brewed coffee mixing it with an equal amount of sugar. You can repeat this with the number of servings that you require for instance 2 servings with 2 tablespoons.

The syrupy mixture got will then be distributed into the espresso cups. The rest of the brewed coffee is poured on top as you enjoy the strong sweet coffee. Alternatively, if you want to sweeten things up to the next level, take the Moka pot brew and cut it with some bits of cream and serve. The flavor may be strong enough to stand up the milk but its addition will tame the rough edge of the brew.


By now you have learned about what coffee is Bustelo. It is done and dusted drinkers, next time when shopping for that coffee to either drink at the cafe or home you got the information with the characteristics to inform your decision. Hopefully, this will enable you to learn new flavors that you have never heard of. You need to understand that these are not the only coffee produced at Café Bustelo, but they are the most common and loved too. I understand the importance of getting the coffee that you can be proud of and the best is even more than the beans. It is about sourcing the ethically brewed butting care into the processes involved. Lastly, we are looking forward to hearing how this review has impacted your coffee experience. Get online and make your order today at Amazon.

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