Coffee plants are actually shrubs or small trees that grow coffee beans. The coffee plant is a member of the genus Coffea, which includes over 100 species. Most coffee plants are native to tropical regions, like Africa and South America.

The two main types of coffee plants grown for commercial production are Arabica and Robusta.

Coffee plants grow coffee beans, but they don’t just appear overnight. It takes years for a coffee plant to mature and produce beans. The coffee plant is actually a shrub that can grow to be about 10 feet tall, but most are much smaller.

Coffee plants have dark green leaves and white flowers with a purple center. The flowers only bloom for a few days and then the plant produces fruit called “coffee cherries.” These cherries take about 9 months to ripen and each cherry contains 2 coffee beans.

Once the cherries are ripe, they are picked by hand and the beans are removed from the fruit. The beans are then dried and roasted before being ground up and brewed into your morning cup of coffee!

Growing Arabica Coffee from Coffee Beans | How to Plant Coffee

Do Coffee Trees Grow Coffee Beans?

No, coffee trees do not grow coffee beans. Coffee beans are actually the seeds of the coffee plant, and they are encased in a red or purple fruit that grows on the tree. The fruit is called a coffee cherry, and when it is ripe, it is picked and the seeds are extracted.

The coffee cherries are then either dried and roasted to make whole bean coffee, or they are pulped and fermented to make soluble (instant) coffee.

Do Indoor Coffee Plants Produce Beans?

No, indoor coffee plants do not produce beans. The coffee plant is a tropical evergreen shrub that can grow to 10 feet tall, and its dark green leaves can be up to 12 inches long. The white flowers have a strong fragrance, and they bloom in clusters of 3-5 blooms.

After pollination, the flowers turn into small, green berries called drupes. These drupes mature over the course of 6-9 months, turning red or purple when they are ripe. Once the drupes are harvested, they are processed to remove the coffee beans from inside.

How Long Does It Take to Get Coffee Beans from a Coffee Plant?

It takes approximately 3-4 minutes to brew a cup of coffee from freshly ground beans. The extraction time for coffee is dependent on many factors, including grind size, water temperature, and bean type. Generally, the darker the roast, the shorter the extraction time should be.

Coffee beans must be harvested when they are ripe, which typically occurs between September and February in countries near the equator. Once picked, the coffee cherries are processed to remove the skin and pulp before being dried. Depending on whether the coffee is wet-processed or dry-processed will determine how long it takes until the beans are ready to be roasted – usually anywhere from 7-21 days.

After roasting, it’s important to allow the beans to rest so that gasses can escape before grinding them for brewing – this process is called degassing and can take up to 2 weeks. So all in all, from plant to cup, you’re looking at about a month for freshness!

What Plant Do Coffee Beans Come From?

Coffee beans come from coffee plants. These plants are usually found in tropical areas, like Central and South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. The coffee plant is a shrub that can grow to be about 10 feet tall.

It has dark green leaves and white flowers. The coffee plant blooms best in full sun and moist soils. The coffee plant produces red or yellow berries called coffee cherries.

Each cherry contains two beans. Once the cherries are ripe, they are picked and the beans are extracted.

Do Coffee Plants Grow Coffee Beans


Where Do Coffee Beans Grow

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world and it all starts with coffee beans. But where do these beans come from? Surprisingly, coffee beans grow on trees!

There are two main types of coffee trees – Arabica and Robusta. Arabica trees are native to Ethiopia and produce around 60% of the world’s coffee. The beans from these trees are often used in higher-end coffees as they have a sweeter taste.

Robusta trees, on the other hand, are native to Central and Western Africa and Southeast Asia. These trees produce around 40% of the world’s coffee and the beans have a more bitter taste. No matter what type of tree they come from, all coffee beans go through a similar process once they’re picked.

The ripe berries are first sorted before being cleaned and dried. Once dry, the berries are hulled to remove the outer shell before being roasted. This is where the signature flavor profile of each coffee is developed.

So next time you enjoy a cup of joe, remember that it all started with a little berry on a tree half way around the world!

Do Coffee Beans Grow on Trees

Coffee beans are the seeds of coffee trees, and yes, they do grow on trees! More specifically, they grow on the branches of coffee trees. Coffee trees are evergreen shrubs or small trees that can grow to be about 30 feet tall.

They have dark green leaves and white flowers with purple centers. The coffee tree blooms throughout the year but typically produces the most flowers between March and May. Once the flowers bloom, it takes about 9 months for the coffee berries (which contain the coffee beans) to mature and be ready for harvest.

Coffee is grown in tropical regions around the world including Central America, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Brazil is currently the largest producer of coffee followed by Vietnam, Colombia, and Indonesia. Ethiopia is believed to be where coffee originated although there is also evidence that suggests it may have originated in Yemen.

If you’re interested in learning more about how coffee is grown and harvested, check out this video:

Coffee Plant Growth Stages

The coffee plant grows best in tropical climates between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. However, it can also be grown at lower elevations in subtropical regions. The plant typically takes four to five years to mature and produce fruit.

Coffee plants generally go through three growth stages: vegetative, flowering, and fruiting. During the vegetative stage, the plant is focused on growing leaves and roots. This stage lasts anywhere from one to two years.

Once the plant has reached a certain size, it will begin to flower. Flowering is triggered by a change in daylight hours as well as temperature changes. The flowers are small and white with greenish-yellow centers.

They grow in clusters along the stems of the plant and only bloom for a few days before falling off. After flowering comes fruiting, or pollination, which is when the coffee beans develop inside the berries that grow on the plant. It takes about six weeks for the berries to ripen fully and turn red or yellow (depending on the variety).


As most people know, coffee comes from beans that grow on coffee plants. However, many people don’t know that these beans are actually the seeds of the coffee plant’s fruit. The fruit is called a coffee cherry, and it grows on the branches of the plant.

Once the cherries are ripe, they are picked and the seeds are removed. The seeds are then dried and roasted to create the coffee beans that we all know and love.

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