How many ounces in a large Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee

There are mixed feelings when people are asked to give their comments about iced coffee. Some people always have a refreshing feeling, others a summertime feeling while others feel that they are not getting value and satisfaction from their money. Why? The reason is simple! When buying a cup of iced coffee, you aren’t sure, How many ounces in a large Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee the cup content. This article seeks to help the reader understand how many ounces in a

How to calculate the ounce in the iced coffee

Our iced coffee over diluted? Some shops use cold-brewed coffee when delivering iced coffee. This method produces such quality coffee. A research conducted among the three leading coffee brands, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Dunkins Donuts on the coffee to ice ratio came up with interesting revelations. Dunkin Donuts was the leading with a 92 percentage coffee to the ice. However, the percentage of melted ice was not put into perception.

How many ounces does the Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee have?

Dunkin Donuts produces small, medium, and large iced coffee and they both contain different ounces levels. It is leading against its peers. The medium iced coffee has 24 ounces while the small one comes with 16 ounces. All of them can be found at all the Dunkin’s Donuts restaurants.

How many ounces are Dunkin Donuts cups?

Three major types of cups come in different ounces. Generally, the smaller cup has 16 ounces, the medium cup has 24 and the large cup comes with 32 ounces.

How many cups of coffee are in a large iced Dunkin Donuts?

Large iced Dunkin Donuts weighs about 320gm. This can be translated into three cups.

How many ounces are in a tall iced coffee?

The drink size for the tall iced coffee is 12 ounces. However, there are the shortest which is just 8ounces. The center cold has 31 ounces being the largest carrying coffee.

What are Dunkin Donuts coffee sizes?

Caffeine brewed by Dunkin Donuts comes in different sizes. They include

a) Small which weighs 150mg and has 10 fl oz.

b) Medium weighs 210mg and has 14fl oz.

c) Large which is 300mg and comes with 20 fl oz.

d) Extra-large weighs 359 mg with 24 fl oz.

How many ounces is Dunkin Donuts iced coffee?

It depends on the coffee size. The bigger the coffee the higher will be the ounce. The smallest comes with 8ounces while the large one is 32 ounces. However, hot coffee has lower ounces.

How many Oz is Dunkin XL?

It is not like a straight answer since it depends on the type of coffee being served.

The iced coffee comes with 32 fl oz which is an equivalent of 130 calories. On the other hand, hot coffee has 24 fl oz with an equivalent of 15 calories. Others come with higher calorie content.

What size is a large Dunkin Donuts coffee?

There come in standards sizes of small, medium, and large and extra-large in 8, 14, 20, and 24 ounces respectively. This however depends on the type of coffee, either hot or cold or iced.

What’s the strongest coffee at Dunkin Donuts?

Dunkin’s Donut ranked its strongest drink with high caffeine content to its users.

The strongest is Maple Pecan Swirl. It is also called Pumpkin Swirl Iced Coffee. It weighs 267 milligrams. You will need one to get you through the cold season. The second is Pumpkin Swirl Macchiato (Hot or Iced) and the third is Maple Pecan Swirl Coffee.

How many ounces is Dunkin Donuts extra-large coffee?

The extra-large has 25 fl oz weighing about 359 mg. But there is one called a large which is a 32-ounce drink.

Controversy about Dunkin Donuts cups too large

Once they were The Company was getting rid of the once-controversial foam cup with the double-walled paper cup. The new cups are easily recyclable and from paper that is responsibly sourced.  In comparison with its competitors, the cup sizes are slightly different. For instance, the Starbucks tall is about 12oz while the Dunkin small is 10z with the medium being 14oz. Therefore the difference is slightly different with a difference of 2oz.

You can now carry your cup to the shop to get your coffee refilled thanks to the new cups that are in the market.

How does it compare?

Interestingly the Dunkin coffee is more affordable than in other coffee shops. They are very popular for coffee than its other donut varieties. Over the last 25years, the brand has invested in strengthening its coffee department by introducing espresso-based drinks served in large cups. Until 2015, the caffeine among the coffee was small favoring those who preferred it before it increased the quantity. Since then it has upped its caffeine content making it the best around.

Lastly, with the recommended single dosage of around 200mg, careful consideration is required when consuming the large Dunkin’ Donuts coffee so that you do not overdose.


It is now clear how many ounces in a large Dunkin Donuts iced coffee is.  Though there is a difference between Dunkin Donuts and other market competitors, it is not much on the cup capacity. Then again in terms of quality Dunkin’ Donuts stands tall against its peers. This is in terms of quality and health-wise. You can be sure of falling in love with the large Dunkin Donuts ice coffee as its calorie levels and the ounce is very much bearable and cost-effective.

By understanding the ounce level for the large Dunkin Donut’s iced coffee it helps one to plan. When you are ordering your favorite iced coffee, you are in the know of the quantity and the calories content that fits your health style.  Additionally, it helps you compare the ounce with other brands available in the market. Get to enjoy your favorite iced drink today and share your experience

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