How Much Caffeine Is In Green Tea Compared To Coffee

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Like most adults, caffeine is part of your daily routine. However, the biggest question is how much caffeine content is in your favorite drink? Why is it an important question? Because it is recommended that an adult can take up to 400mg of caffeine on a single day. Anything above that will be considered an abuse of caffeine. Interestingly some people are very sensitive to caffeine to certain limits with an excess coming with serious side effects. To simply this matter this article answers how much caffeine is in green tea compared to coffee? For coffee, it ranges from 50-96 while for tea is 20-60.

All these are estimates that will vary. They can increase and as well they can decrease depending on various aspects. Knowing the caffeine content in both aspects is a step in the right direction to help you make informed decisions.

How Much Caffeine Is In Green Tea Compared To Coffee

Is caffeine a concern?

It is estimated that over 78% of the world have taken coffee in their lifetime. Further, as explained above the department that deals with food safety have issued a notice that a maximum of 400gm is needed by the body on a single day and about 200 for a single dose. Due to its stimulating effects caffeine has been linked to various benefits and challenges alike. Therefore it is a concern hence the rise of comparison of how much caffeine is in green tea compared to coffee.

Caffeine Content in Green Tea

The average caffeine content in green tea varies with the size of the cup. For an 8-oz which is about 230 ml served with green tea, its content is about 35 mg of caffeine. But, this can fluctuate depending on various aspects.

Green tea contains natural caffeine and it can vary depending on the health of the tea plantation, the area has grown, and the brewing method. For instance, tea that has older leaves will have less caffeine than younger leaves. Further, bagged leaves are more caffeinated than loose leaves. Why? It is because crushed leaves will occupy more space and more caffeine will be retained.

Lastly, if you brew your tea longer in hot water then be sure to get more caffeine.

Caffeine Content in Coffee

People always refer to and are concerned more about coffee than tea. The reason is another discussion for another day. The average caffeine content of caffeine in coffee for an 8oz brewed drink is 95. A single espresso drink will have about 65 milligrams. Just like tea, this is approximate and it can vary due to various circumstances. The leading reason for varying is the type of coffee. There are two types of coffee, Robusta, and Arabica. Arabica has lots of caffeine than Robusta.

Besides, the brand that brews the coffee will affect the final caffeine content. Therefore you will find persons preferring one brand to another due to how they perceive their levels of caffeine content

What about decaffeinated tea and coffee?

The question is does decaf drink (coffee and tea) contain caffeine? As much as many brands boast of their decafs having no caffeine, research has proved otherwise. It has been noticed that there are some stains of caffeine of about 2 to 5mg for an 8oz cup. That amount is quite insignificant for persons who are sensitive to caffeine as it can be tolerated by the body.

Reader also ask

How many cups of green tea equal a cup of coffee?

It depends on the type of coffee and tea. However, two cups of green tea will equal one cup of coffee in terms of caffeine content.

Is green tea high in caffeine?


Is green tea healthier than coffee?

It is a question of two devils and two angels. Yes, it is healthier since it contains low caffeine content. What matters is how much you drink.

Which tea is highest in caffeine?

Black Tea

Does green tea keep you awake?

The caffeine in the tea can make you awake. In fact, when taken in a large dose it may disturb your sleeping pattern.

Can I drink green tea at night?

Yes, you can and you cannot.

However, just like coffee, tea has caffeine and the effects of these drinks on the body are similar. Caffeine is good for your body functions even after taking supper. On the other hand, it may cause insomnia.

Is there more caffeine in coffee than tea?

Coffee has been found generally to contain more caffeine than tea. Even its effects on the body are more real in coffee than in tea

Should I replace coffee with green tea?

The answer lies in your personal preference. There are many reasons why someone will shift from coffee to tea. First of all the two drinks taste different and secondly, they contain different levels of caffeine. Therefore if you are satisfied with tea, you can change or do both.

How many cups of green tea should I drink a day?

You can drink about 4 cups of a medium cup and 8 cups of an 8oz. You will need to confirm first the content of the tea.


Final verdict

Which one should you drink? This question has been extensively dealt with in this article. If you are sensitive to much caffeine, you should try tea. Opting to take a decaf drink is the best option under those circumstances. If you are a lover of high caffeine then cold coffee and black tea are your best option. Women who are breastfeeding should not exceed 200 mg of coffee per day.

Having answered the question of how much caffeine is in green tea compared to coffee, the decision on which suites you is upon you. Green tea is quite nutritious as it has safe caffeine. The myth that green tea contains is caffeine-less has been found wanting. So make your decision on which drink will fit into your preference while keeping in mind that the content will change depending on the size of the cup.

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