Poems are such an effective way to communicate to your audience. While at it, the choice of words will either create a short-lived or a lasting impression. The statement I have measured out my life with coffee spoons lyrics comes from a poem written by Eliot is a way to show that life is balanced. The coffee spoon is used to measure the right amount of coffee.

For anyone who has ever been a caffeine addict, you know the feeling of waking up in the morning to a steaming cup of coffee. It is oftentimes what we look forward to all day. If that’s not enough then add in an iced latte or two and it’s like heaven on earth..

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons lyrics

The life of Prufrock

Prufrock is of middle age and very timid.  As a lover of literature, he wanted to create some outstanding words which lead to him joining London. Having looked at his life, he realizes that much of his time has been spent in parting, indulging in coffee drinking, and social activities that did not impact his dreams positively. The phrase then means that he spent lots of time in spending on things that are inconsequential such as drinking coffee.

Why the coffee spoon?

We all know coffee is a loved beverage throughout the world with over 200 million taking it daily. Coffee,  though a tasteful drink but taken too much will create serious negative effects on the body. Taking little of it on the other hand will not give you the satisfaction that you may be looking for. So, one needs to measure the right amount of coffee using the coffee spoon which is the right approach to take.

The writer’s thoughts on the phrase

Prufrock talks of what life offers saying that his life has been allotted by coffee spoons and lots of uncertainties. The statement I have measured out my life depicts a life that has been wasted away. The person is now saying that after looking at how life has treated him in the past and he has come to a conclusion that indeed he has measured his life in the past. Furthermore, he has concluded that even towards the future, not much will change therefore being content.

Critics of the phrase

Does measuring your life something that you should be proud of? This is the question that critics ask.  People have dreams but what if there are hindrances? Should I stop dreaming and have them not accomplished. They claim that one needs to live a focused, thoughtful and prayerful life. It could be a challenge but one has to organize his life.

However, this does not mean not measuring how to take your steps. Steps have to be measured so that one stays focused and be able to audit the steps systematically. So in all aspects measuring life helps one to plan well for the life by avoiding several obstacles while taking on the tough one with the eyes being on the prize.

Application of the phrase in life

It points out the frustrations people face when they spend much of the time doing tasks that are obligate when they deep in their hearts want something more. Further, some people major in minor and minor in majors of life. Everyone has to look back and recount the steps in life to align with the future.

Coffee Spoons Lyrics

  • This song can be interpreted as an anthem for those in middle age or later who feel they haven’t accomplished what they wanted in life or taken advantage of every opportunity available to them.
  • This is a reference to the way people measure their lives and how they feel about them in terms of days and years.
  • A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down – this idea can be applied to life as well; we should take care of ourselves by eating well and exercising.
  • Death is inevitable but it doesn’t need to be feared if we live our lives fully .
  • We all die at some point so why not make every day count for something worthwhile like spending time with friends or family or doing things that make us happy.
  • Life may seem short but it’s also long – each day offers new opportunities for growth and self-improvement.
  • He realizes that he’s not the only person who has measured his life with coffee spoons.

I Have Measured Out My Life With Coffee Spoons Lyrics- Video

Frequently Asked Questions

What does, “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons mean?”

A coffee spoon is such a middle spoon and measuring life by it depicts that one is living an average life. Basically, it is a life that is below their standards.

How big is a coffee spoon?

Coffee spoon is just an average spoon in the homestead. It is not small as a drug spoon or as a tablespoon.

How regularly does a person use such a spoon?

The coffee spoon is generally used when measuring how much coffee should one take. Averagely it carries about 5-6grams.

Who said I have measured out my life with coffee spoons?

J. Alfred Prufrock but the speaker here is T.S Eliot’s poem.

Is a coffee scoop the same as a tablespoon?

No, they are not. A coffee spoon is specifically used when drinking coffee while the tablespoon is a bit bigger.


This blog post has explored the use of coffee spoons in a song to measure time. We have also explained how this can be applied to your life and personal development. There are many ways that you can utilize this analogy, so if you find it useful or beneficial for yourself, let us know! These lyrics were written by Tchaikovsky who is renowned as one of the best composers ever. Let’s talk about what he might have been trying to convey with these lyrics..

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