This Coffee Was Good But What About This (10 Effective Quotes)

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There are more than 5 billion quotes over the internet point out research. That is quite a number and every day hundreds of thousands of such quotes emerge with many of them in official meetings from the famous leaders. Interestingly a huge junk of them is cultural traditions that are made by community leaders. Other quotes come about while having some fun such as while eating. This coffee was good but what about this?  Your guess is as good as mine. It comes from a coffee drinking spree.

Coffee is the most loved beverage in the world, people have different tastes and they will always try to sell or recommend their favorite. The question is why this statement. How can it be put into its context? This article looks to answer this question.

This Coffee Was Good But What About This

The origin of the phrase

It is assumed that middle-aged men were having their coffee drink. Each one of them had come with their favorite to have the fun. Interestingly either of them had not had a chance to taste each other’s coffee. Then, an argument arose as they tried to introduce each other to their respective coffee taste.

A gentleman tested his drinking mate and uttered the following word this coffee was good but what about this? The coffee he tasted was really good but he had a different opinion. There are many interpretations to this phrase and they will be discussed here in this article.

A different interpretation of the quote

  • Interpretation 1

The speaker wanted to get the views of the fellow drinker about his coffee. He acknowledges that his friend’s coffee was good.

  • Interpretation 2

The speaker acknowledged the coffee he tasted as good but it was better by various parameters.

  • Interpretation 3

The speaker may not have tasted the good coffee but had used it in the past. However, he stopped using it when he found a better one which he was offering to his mate.

  • Interpretation 4

The narrator and listener had the same coffee brand but prepared differently such as brewed differently. It can also mean that they are brewed differently by using different machines for the exercise.

  • Interpretation 5

The two coffees were prepared differently. One may have been cold, and the other iced coffee or one is hot coffee and the other cold coffee.

Application of the quote

This coffee was good but what about this is an illustration to point out or to something better. Just like cool coffee drinkers, the phrase is a perfect one when differentiating or disagreeing with manners. Coffee is an emotive drink with supper drinkers having different perspectives. Even if someone’s coffee tastes awful to you, it tastes sweet to the other person. Therefore we have to respect other people’s ideas and even if we must disagree then we ought to do it respectively.

Furthermore, it shows that an idea can be improved to be made better. The coffee is good shows that it wasn’t bad at all. It is a polite way to welcome new views that will improve it better. Even after welcoming the new idea, the listener may choose to listen to it or disagree with it together. It is a show of gratitude and respect.

Reader also ask

What is a good quote about coffee?

Coffee is a beverage that gives you a perfect doze when not drank.

How do you appreciate good coffee?

The only way to appreciate a good coffee is to share it with other coffee lovers to recruit them.

What do you say to a coffee lover?

As much as you love your coffee you must be careful that you do not overdose it. Coffee taken moderately is perfect for your body.

Did you know facts about coffee?

  • The beverage can be trace to 800AD.
  • Coffee beans are seeds.
  • There are two main types of coffee (Arabica and Robusta).
  • Brazil leads the world in coffee making.

Why is coffee healthy?

  • Coffee improves the energy levels
  • It helps  burn excess fats
  • Enhances brain sharpness
  • Has essential nutrients
  • Lowers risk of diabetes
  • Reduces chances of having dementia
  • Protects the liver Lowers chances of having lifestyle diseases

How do you describe drinking coffee?

It is an expression of fuelling your body the task that is ahead.

What was coffee originally used for?

There are no shreds of evidence of how coffee was used. However, there are shreds of evidence of how it was started to be drunk. Coffee was used to excite the goats and it was used as Viagra for men.

How bad is coffee for your body?

  • Coffee can cause anxiety
  • It causes insomnia
  • Too much coffee will lead to addiction
  • Cause digestive issues
  • Reports have arisen of high blood pressure
  • It is the leading cause of muscle breakdown.

How did coffee get its name?

The word came from Dutch koffie which was a word from Arabic which was connected to wine.

How bad is coffee for your body

Final verdict

By now you have increased some knowledge about coffee a good drink that has many positive and negative impacts as well. Mind you, this quote has been used over and over until it has been nicknamed as an old tired quote. This quote has assigned the respect deserved it deserves. How? By acknowledging or coffee are good and the difference could be only on the preferences from one user to the other. Above all, you can get to understand that no one’s comment is more useless than others.

Moreover, since there are different interpretations of the quote one must be sure that it is well understood to the listener to remove the ambiguity that may arise. It will lead to the risk rising of a possible misinterpretation. This coffee was good but what about this is a classical quote that will note lose its power and influence shortly.  To enrich your knowledge you can search for more quotes more so on coffee and you will love them.

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