What are the different types of biscuits? Well, Biscuits are actually small flat dough that you bake with less moisture than regular pastries. Similarly, biscuits are roughly in two major types, hard and soft. The hard dough group is delicious, unsweetened, or semi-sweet, including various types of biscuits, puff pastry cookies, and semi-sweet varieties.In addition to low sugar or no sugar content, the fat content rarely exceeds 22.0% of the flour content unless it is a puff pastry.

The soft dough group includes all sweet biscuits, whether they are plain biscuits, shell biscuits, or brooks (such as ginger). Soft biscuits have a lot in common, but hard biscuits naturally fall into three parts: yeast dough, puff pastry, and semi-sweet pastry. The different varieties of biscuits make them popular because everyone can choose from the different flavors and make them their favorite. Similarly, you can bake, steam, or fry them. It is important to note that the biscuits are usually of the hard variety in the UK, while in the US, it is the soft kind. To further explore this trendy snack, we have written this guide on the different types of biscuits you will find in your bakery or supermarket aisle.

The meaning of biscuits

The name “biscuits” comes from the Latin word, which means “to cook twice” or “to boil twice.” Historically, the biscuits were first baked and then dried in a slow oven during two baking processes. Hence the name.

Similarly, you can make biscuits with few ingredients, but they can be hot or cold. And you can eat them for breakfast, lunch, midnight snack, or late-night snack, with cheese and meat or jam or butter syrup on top. Regardless of the method provided, its versatility makes it a staple food.

Classes of biscuits

Did you know that biscuits are into different categories according to the top casing’s nature, material, and characteristics?

Hard Biscuits: These biscuits are a dense, thick cover that contains gluten. They are also heavier than other types of biscuits and fill faster.

Soft biscuits: they are biscuits with smoother dough, more digestible, and relatively good. They are both sweet and delicious. They are weaker than their predecessors, not as dense and flat. These biscuits also contain higher levels of sugar and fat than the previous variant.

Fried biscuits: Did you know that there are also fried biscuits? These are many traditional variations with completely different preparation techniques. In this case, the flour and cookie dough should be completely fried. These include sweet and unsweetened.

Sweet Biscuits: This is a special variant of biscuits, usually with fillings such as chocolate, nuts, fruit, honey, and jam. They are special biscuits with a wider range and require more time and materials. They are usually snacks or special foods.

What are the most popular biscuits?

Ginger Biscuits

Ginger biscuits are primarily a British delicacy and are very popular for their complete cookie types. These ginger biscuits have an infusion of ground ginger powder and a few other spices, such as nutmeg and cinnamon.

Chinese almond biscuits

Although they are traditionally from China, these delicious types of biscuits can be found in various bakeries and supermarkets around the world.

Many similar almond biscuits can be mistaken for Chinese varieties. And some of them are Spanish Armendrados, Turkish acıbadem kurabiyesi. And Qurabiya (short pastry made with almonds),

Custard cream biscuits

Custard Apple or custard cream biscuit is a well-known type of biscuit in the UK. They are similar to biscuit sandwiches, where they place creamy custard between the two cookies.

The cinnamon apple came from England in the 20th century. And the design of the biscuit is quite Victorian and bears the Victorian Baroque brand.

Digestive biscuits

Digestive biscuits may be one of the most popular biscuit varieties in the UK. They are semi-sweet varieties from wholemeal flour. Similarly, the biscuits are hard, soft, and crumbly.

The biscuit’s name comes from baking soda, the main leavening agent used in its manufacturing process. In the past, baking soda was an indigestion reliever. So digestive biscuits, therefore, have the same health characteristics.

Fig biscuits

The type of biscuit we call fig wraps can prove that cream filling is not the only filling that you can use; fruits are equally good. In this case, a fig filling. Similarly, this delicacy is world-famous, but did you know that its roots are from ancient Egypt?

Figs have been around for a long time and are delicacies in some Arab countries, and it was only a matter of time before they could make delicious biscuits with them.

The French Macaron Biscuit

The Macaron is a semi-sweet meringue-like biscuit that comes from egg whites, powder, and granulated sugar, almond flour, and, of course, food coloring. It is popular in France and has French origins. 

Monaka biscuit

If you like Japanese food, these biscuits are perfect for you. The Monaka biscuits come from inserting red bean paste between two thin biscuits. The wafers are made of flour.

Azuki (or mung bean) is an annual vine and is known in East Asia as azuki. Mochi is a Japanese dessert made from short-grain rice mochi gome. The monaka type of cookie can also come from a mixture of sesame, chestnuts, and other doughy ingredients.

Nanka Thai biscuits

Nanka Thai Indian biscuits are dry biscuits whose tradition and history go back to the 16th century. Nankhatai is also one of the major Diwali festivals where people celebrate the victory of light over darkness. During these celebrations, many bakeries prepare and sell Thai Nanka cookies on the streets.

Rich tea biscuits

The rich tea biscuits are various sweet biscuits that come from flour, vegetable oil, malt extract, and sugar. These cookies are very popular in the UK.

Originally tea biscuits, they were an invention by British aristocrats in Yorkshire in the 17th century.

Russian tea biscuits

This traditional type of biscuit is most likely from Jewish immigrants who settled in Russia. Russian tea biscuits even look like Rugelach, a larger version of traditional Jewish biscuits.

What are the different types of biscuits- Video

What are the different types of biscuits : FAQ

How many types of biscuits are there?

Although there are many types of biscuits, the most common is probably cake and pastry biscuits. 

What are the three basic types of biscuits?

The three basic types of biscuits are 1. Shortbread 2. Flake 3. Cracker Shortbread is a high-quality, sweet biscuit that originated in Scotland. There are three key ingredients: flour, butter, and sugar, and baked to a rich golden brown color. Shortbread is sold plain or flavored with lemon or rose water. Flake is a Scottish shortbread with a sweet top layer of caramelized sugar or a chocolate-type topping.

What Do You Call Different Kinds of Cookies?  

There are many different types of cookies, but the most common are probably sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies. Sugar or confectioner’s sugar is added to cookie dough in order to make it light and fluffy. Chocolate chips are small pieces of melted chocolate that have been mixed into the dough before it is baked.

What is the best type of biscuit?

There is no one best type of biscuit, but the three most common types are Cake biscuits, pastry biscuits and cracker biscuits. Cake or pastry biscuits are made from flour, sugar and butter. They are often rich in flavor and can be decorated with icing or whipped cream. Cracker biscuits come in two varieties – soft (such as Milano) or hard (like Oreos). They consist of two sheets of cookie dough that have been pressed together to form the desired shape.


From the above list, you can see that there are many different varieties of biscuits from many cultures worldwide.

Similarly, this shows just how popular the pastry is global. If you have the time, I would ask that you try the different ethnic varieties of biscuits you can find during travel or by visiting diaspora communities.

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