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Ask anyone what cookies go with coffee, and you will probably get ten different answers, and a biscuit debate can easily break out in the office.

Usually, this is because very few people can agree on which biscuit is the best. And each has their own favorite biscuit.

So below, we are going to list the biscuits that we think are the best match for your coffee break. And If you think we left your favorite one off the list, don’t hesitate to let us know.

What is our favorite biscuit to go with the coffee?

A Chocolate Hobnob with a cup of java is my standard fuel in the morning, and it’s a daily habit. Also, although I usually choose a chocolate delicacy, everyone has their own favorite.

Whether it’s custard with whipped cream over coffee or dipping your fingers in hot chocolate on Sunday nights, we are all defensive towards our biscuits, and the fact that they are trendy proves that we are proud of our country as a country them as well.

So below is our list of What Biscuits Go With Coffee

Chocolate hobnob

Anyone at McVitie’s who came up with the idea of mixing pancakes and biscuits and covering everything with chocolate in 1984 should win a medal in my book.

The Hobnob is the king of biscuits. It melts when dipped in coffee, forming the same consistency as freshly baked but sticky pastries. It is so strong and fulfilling that it is a special treat when you need it.

Sugar biscuits

Sugar biscuits can be so simple that they are usually available around Christmas. They are the traditional treats of families, especially during the holidays. These biscuits are simple because they require basic ingredients to make eggs, flour, butter, vanilla extract, sugar, yeast, and salt.

Sweet, tender, and delicious sugar biscuits have decorations with icing and sugar sprinkles to make them sweeter. But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t look great without decorations because the cookie itself has a solid and delicious base.

Digestive biscuits

When you think of the word biscuit, you think of the images of the digestive system. Unsurprisingly, classic biscuits are available in conference and office cafes. They are often voted the most popular biscuits in the UK.

It is a Marks & Spencer cookie, ready to use, and can fulfill the purpose you want. Coated in chocolate, soaked in tea, served with lots of dark blue cheese, or eaten straight, you can eat it anytime during the day or night.

Custard Biscuits

These handy sandwich-style biscuits have become our establishments and classic dishes like Bramston jams, jams, and pickles seem to be little known to people outside the British Isles. In most kitchens, the standard practice for breaking every cup of tea is to eat, but the temporary gap between morning and breakfast is enough to eat every morning.

Coconut macaroons

Do not compare these to the bright color French macaroons that dominate pastries across the country.

Traditional macaroons have a coat of dry coconut and have been a part of the old-fashioned pastries of the English countryside.

Because of its similarities to Italian macaroons surpass many of the more popular dishes in the UK. These delicate miniature cookie pie hybrids are best with afternoon coffee rather than being dipped in tea.

Chocolate Bourbon

These sweet and crunchy rectangular chocolate flavors mix soft and creamy fudge, making them an ideal addition for hot drinks.

For a luxurious chocolate treat, soak them completely in a cup of steaming frothy hot milk chocolate. Long enough for the biscuits to soften and almost melt into each other but don’t completely disintegrate.

If you want a cup of coffee, this is the perfect sugar to get through the 3 pm incident.

Shortbread biscuits

Shortbreads will never go out of style. Light, fragile, and easy to prepare, it is usually available during Christmas and other holidays.

If you need something more advanced, there are plenty of ways to change the taste. Lemon, heather, and orange peels can skillfully enhance the taste. And a drizzle of chocolate melt, or icing with different colors.

Shortbread is useful for afternoon coffee, but you can also pair it with sweet puddings like chocolate mousse, lemon cream, and kiwi.

Ginger Biscuits

Ginger is not only a cure for various stomach ailments and seasickness, but it is also a great cookie in its own right.

The chewy texture gives it some vibrancy and promotes it in the category of edible biscuits for special occasions.

Top brands use dried ginger, so a strong bite of powdered ginger will make each bite more exciting. These sturdy biscuits are perfect to use after a coffee dinner or when you need a more luxurious coffee mate.

Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal cookies are well known in the US as a healthier choice. So they are the perfect pastry addition to your coffee break. Oatmeal cookies contain ingredients that are suitable for you, such as oatmeal, raisins, and nuts.

They provide a variety of proteins, are high in fiber, and contain minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium. They are all necessary for our body.

Similarly, oatmeal cookies are soft and chewy, making them the healthiest cookies on this list. Since they are really nutritious and contain natural ingredients.

What is our favorite biscuit to go with the coffee

Peanut Butter Cookies

We love peanut butter. In fact, Americans like peanut butter, and it’s no wonder they chose to add peanut butter to their cookies.

Peanut butter cookies have become one of many Americans’ favorite biscuits due to their mysterious peanut butter flavor and tenderness.

These cookies are both savory and sweet because they contain peanut butter and sugar, but the balance between the two is perfect for making exquisite biscuits.

When you chew them, they will collapse in your mouth and attack you with their strong peanut butter flavor.


If you are looking to add a biscuit savory snack to your coffee break then you would never go wrong with the above list. Try any of them and we promise a satisfying and fulfilling experience and a burst of flavor.

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