Some Common Questions what happens if you drink too much coffee in a day? Coffee can be quite addictive. Throughout the world, coffee has been regarded as the oil that keeps the body engine running throughout the day. The caffeine in the coffee acts as a mood booster, enhancing both mental and physical performance. Studies have pointed out that coffee is safe for people who consume it moderately. A high dosage of coffee that comes with high levels of caffeine can have very dangerous side effects. Some of these effects will be long-term thereby affecting the mortality rate.

The University of Southern Australia conducted research that directly blamed caffeine found in coffee for the rise of high blood pressure, dizziness, insomnia, and abnormal heartbeat. This article looks to unearth these effects as well as establish how much coffee is too much for your body.

Sipping too much coffee?

We all know that coffee contains caffeine which is processed by the liver. This is metabolized by the body’s genes. So in essence, by taking coffee it is expected that the genes can break it down. What happens when the genes do not metabolize it or get overwhelmed by too much caffeine? It will cause serious side effects. Even if the genes process the caffeine, having too much of it will wear them down.

Most health researchers agree that anything above 6 cups of coffee is an overdose to your body system. It does not matter if you have any side effects or not. Notwithstanding the quantity being taken, there will be side effects that will be discussed below. Much of the effects are related to caffeine that is contained in the coffee.


Caffeine is loved by its increased alertness.  Caffeine blocks the brain part responsible for making you tired. Then it triggers adrenaline which is associated with boosting more energy. At a higher dose, it may lead to anxiety and nervousness.


Coffee can help people be awake for a long time. Too much of it will distort your sleeping pattern. Additionally, it will take much time for one to fall asleep. The fact that it remains in the body for over 10 hours, even if the small amount taken before sleeping time may affect your sleep.

Digestion complications

Many people believe that coffee can make the bowels move. Coffee helps the stomach to release gastrin hormone that speeds up the activities in the large intestines.  However, too much coffee will cause stomach ulcers. More so it will lead to loose stools or even diarrhea.

Muscles Breakdown

Too much coffee will cause the muscles to break down. The result will be negative effects more so on the kidney.  Therefore, high chances of kidney breakdown.


No doubt there are many health benefits; however, it may lead to habit-forming. This dependency is both psychological and physical dependency. By forming this habit you can be sure that you will increase its intake.

High Blood pressure

There are no many shreds of evidence on risks of heart diseases or stroke but it has been noted that it raises blood pressure. This is a result of stimulating the nervous system. The increased blood pressure then comes with the risk of diseases related to it.

Frequent urination

Caffeine, the drug which is an alien to the body causes the body to strive to remove it as soon as possible.  It, therefore, strains the bladder and as one grows old it wears it. The effects are one cannot be able to hold urine for a long time.

How much cups of coffee is too much per day?

Two cups of coffee in a day is fine, but anything more than that can slowly do damage to your body. Almost everyone drinks coffee in the world, so many people drink it without even thinking about its side effects. Drinking too much coffee may cause a diuretic effect which means you lose more fluids than you normally would. That’s why it’s good to have a glass of water in between cups. Drinking too much coffee may also lead to insomnia, headaches and dehydration.

How do you know if you’re drinking too much coffee?

The best way to know if you are drinking too much coffee is to measure it. Measuring coffee consumption is a good idea because coffee can have both positive and negative effects on your health. For example, coffee is high in antioxidants and polyphenols, which can help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and contribute to longevity. But coffee consumption is also linked with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Drinking more than two cups of coffee per day, talk with your doctor about your options.

What happens if you drink too much coffee- Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Is too much coffee bad for your health? 

Yes, too much coffee is bad for your health because it can lead to nervousness and heart palpitations, insomnia and restlessness, frequent urination and dehydration, anxiety, irritability and increased bowel movements. As you drink more coffee, the more dehydrated you get, and dehydration leads to headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and other unpleasant symptoms. If you get used to having a large amount of coffee, you can become dependent on a daily dose. If you want to consume coffee, it is best to avoid drinking a lot of it. Drink a moderate amount instead.

What time of the day is the best to consume caffeine?

Caffeine has a half-life of about six hours, so drinking it in the morning will keep you alert for about half a day. As always, the best time to consume caffeine depends on what you’re doing. If you’re just trying to stay awake for the rest of the day, then drinking it early in the day is a good choice if you want the caffeine boost that comes from coffee or soda to help you perform better at work or for an athletic event, then consuming it about two hours before the event is ideal.

What are the effects of caffeine on your baby? 

Everyone is aware that caffeine is not good for pregnant women, but many people do not know exactly why. Caffeine is a drug that crosses the placenta, which means that it can reach the brain of the unborn child, just as it can with a pregnant woman. There has been a study that has shown that caffeine can cause attention deficit disorder in children, in addition to causing low birth weight babies. It also causes sleeplessness as children grow since they have an inability to sleep soundly. Be extra careful about caffeine intake if you are pregnant to keep both you and your unborn baby as healthy as possible.

What happens if you drink coffee in excess?

Excessive coffee consumption is not advisable. It is indeed true that coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant and can improve brain function and increase alertness. But coffee in large quantities can also make you feel nervous and jittery and even cause insomnia. If you are addicted to coffee, you may be advised to cut down your coffee consumption slowly to prevent withdrawal symptoms like headaches, fatigue, irritability and mood swings. It’s not only coffee that causes withdrawal symptoms. All other kinds of drugs and addictive substances have similar withdrawal symptoms. It is always better to intake them in a controlled manner.

Is it bad to drink a lot of coffee?

Yes is it. Too much coffee has adverse effects on your body organs and affects the sleep patterns

What happens if we drink coffee every day?

There is nothing wrong with taking coffee daily. What should be checked into is the quantity being taken.

Is coffee harmful to the skin?

Coffee has some nutrients and antioxidants that are beneficial to the skin. It helps treat acne and ensure the flow of blood to the skin. It must be taken in moderation though an overdose will lead to stress which is the number one cause of acne.

Does Coffee age your face?

Too much coffee dehydrates the skin causing toxic build-up. Some can then look at aging as a result.

Does coffee darken skin?

Excess coffee will make your body acidic. This will make your skin look darker but it is not dark.

Can coffee cause pimples?

Moderate coffee intake will help fight pimples while much of it will lead to more of it.

Is drinking coffee good for pimples?

The antioxidants can help remove the bacteria that bring pimples. Too much of it works the reverse.

Can coffee remove dark spots?

Yes, coffee has been proved to help remove the dark spots. Coffee can be used with other ingredients applied to the skin to remove the dark spots.

However, there is no scientific proof that drinking coffee will help remove them.

Does quitting coffee help your skin?

Too much coffee is hazardous to the skin while moderate caffeine will help it grow.


You must be wondering how bad coffee is. Sadly too much of it is that bad. It is important to note that anything above 400mg of caffeine per day is an overdose. Fortunately, a favorable amount of coffee hardly does bring a health challenge. If you want to reduce or stop taking coffee, do it gradually so that you do not get withdrawal symptoms. It may take up to two weeks to make the drastic reduction of your coffee intake.

The effects of too much coffee are not independent of caffeine; there could be other reasons behind these effects. You can always consult your doctor or pharmacist to help you understand better. Taking decaf coffee can be another better option. Above all, if you are experiencing the above effects does not make you immune therefore giving you a leeway to drink much. It could be harming your body from the inside. You can share with us what happens if you drink too much coffee in a day

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