Why Do People Drink Coffee After Dinner?

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When people think about drinking coffee, it is synonymously related to the mornings. It is popular too as a booster to get you through work or even during a date meeting. Interestingly for many others, coffee is drunk after dinner even though caffeine is supposed to wake you up. The question, therefore, is why do people drink coffee after dinner?

Does it have a specific name?

The answer is No. But in different cultures, it can be nicknamed some names. For instance, in Dutch, it is called Koffie Verkeerd which means reverse coffee. It is glass milk that has small amounts of coffee meant to digest food. In France, black coffee is normally served with cognac. While in Italy Espresso is served in the evenings and does not have milk like cappuccino which is drunk in the morning. Therefore there is no specific name for this coffee and this coffee, it is called end meal coffee.

How soon can one drink coffee after eating?

Many people drink coffee as they take their breakfast or after they have eaten in the evening. The question is what is right and at what time?  Depending on one’s diet and nutrition needs this has to be given a second thought.  Generally, caffeine decreases the body’s ability to absorb nutrients effective such as zinc and calcium. Traditionally, coffee is consumed as the last intake after the dishes have been cleared from the dining table. In the restaurants, it is offered last with or without a desert.

Should one drink coffee before or after a meal?

It depends on why you are drinking. There could be merits and demerits depending on the time of drinking.  For instance, coffee can be an appetite suppressant which is the best for weight cutters.  Drinking after the meal can help indigestion. It stimulates the bowel and helps one to urinate. Therefore there is no specific answer. It depends on what one wants to achieve.

Why do people drink coffee after dinner?

Family tradition

The young people feel ashamed hanging around their folks. However, as they grow older they want to always remain close to their aging parents. Catching up with them means then that, they will be taking coffee with the old people. This will increase the family bond. It then easily becomes a family tradition.


It is a cultural habit for some communities to take coffee after the meal. The Italians prefer taking cappuccino in the morning time and Espresso is drunk in the evening. The Dutch have their reverse coffee. While in France coffee is a national culture. The US which is quite diverse has its traditions too. Immigrants will retain their culture.

Calories counters

Black coffee is good when losing weight. It’s an alternative to a calorie-rich dessert offered on the menu. Therefore by having coffee after the mean and it being an appetite suppressant means that you won’t crave much food. Moreover, acidic coffee helps to burn excessive fats that are in the body especially for persons who take roughly 4 cups of coffee daily.

Post dinner Stillness

Many people take a lot of food at dinner time than during either breakfast or lunch. Such food in large quantities will lead to homeostasis. Or have you ever noticed feeling weak after taking heavy food? It is caused by a spike in blood sugar levels and for the body to compensate insulin is released which triggers the production of a neurotransmitter responsible for sleep. Taking caffeine will counteract the sleepiness.

Reduced constipation

Constipation is a common disorder for overweight persons and the elderly. Drinking coffee helps speed up digestion. The longer your food is in the intestines the more weight one adds. The caffeine is taken speeds up things a bit.

Work overnight

Just as we have noticed above, it reduces the urge to sleep therefore you will enjoy your sleepless state. You will be able then to work overnight until you are through with your work. Research has shown us that almost all health workers working overnight do take coffee to stay alert.

Health recommendations

People who have gone through surgery are asked to take coffee every evening to help lessen the effects of the drug used to relieve the pain during the exercise. Examples of the side effects are frequent headaches.


Coffee has a way of bonding people together. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Let’s do coffee in the evening?” When people take coffee it activates the special part of the brain that creates bonds. Sip after every sip will help you continue with the conversation around your dinner table.


After a long and stressful day, people can feel fatigued and unsettled. Coffee lovers will tell you to take a cup of coffee and you will be relaxed. The relaxation effect will help calm you down.


Caffeine can be addictive thereby forming a habit. The addiction is severe that if you skip taking a cup of coffee, you may feel sick. Some have ended up being admitted to the hospital.  This addiction is the same as that of alcohol and tobacco.

Is caffeine not a health hazard?

As much as caffeine has a positive side there is a horde of its negative effects. Every food consumed has its side effects both good and bad. What creates the difference is self-control or rather a temperance. Taking too much coffee will alter how the system works negatively. Alternatively one can opt for a decaf coffee that has almost zero coffee content. Therefore there are options to control your coffee intake


Hundreds of millions take coffee every day is not a secret. But why do people drink coffee after dinner? Amongst other drinks, coffee has taken over, and seems it will not come down its place as the number one choice of an after-dinner drink.  An incredible drink for over a hundred years those who enjoy this brew after dinner has seen its advantages. Hence coffee does not only give you a good mood but a good shape physically. May your life be shaped by this unbelievable drink every after dinner.

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