Why Does My Coffee Taste Watery (5 Reasons & Fixes)

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Watered-down coffee sips are not interesting at all which is caused by various factors. Don’t worry about watery coffee because this article ensures you know the exact reason why does my coffee taste watery. It is possible to get the wrong or desired drink if you fail to follow the steps and use coffee grounds that are not fresh.

More so, you may benefit from various ways to fix the issues, to have the desired coffee taste. After the end of the day you will be able to avoid the common mistakes, getting you back on the remarkable goodness that you love, know, and proud of.

Reader also ask

How do you make coffee less watery?

What you need to do is to use the correct ratio of water to coffee grounds.

Why does my coffee taste thin?

The temperature of water used to extract the coffee plays a significant role in determining the taste.

For this reason, weak coffee may be as a result of using too cold water. For better results, the suitable water temperature when brewing coffee should range between 195 to 205 degrees.

Why does my instant coffee taste watery?

If your coffee tastes watery, try to twist the ratio of water to coffee and see if this is the problem.

In short, use the same mug and spoon, used for previous brew. Switching to a different size, may leave you with a bad tasting coffee.

What does bad coffee taste like?

Sour coffee has two things that include bad beans as well as bad brewing. In case the beans are not roasted well, they’ll taste sour and grassy. Where they’re stale and old, they’ll have a sharp flavor of lemon.

Why does my keurig coffee taste watery?

Your very weak coffee may be as a result of the machine not becoming hot enough, which usually occurs by calcium scale building up on the “burner”.

Vinegar only may not assist; therefore you should not be placing it through your machine since it can destroy the seals and pump.

Reasons for watery coffee taste

Failure to use enough coffee can result to a watery taste

Many coffee consumers are likely to commit this mistake when brewing their coffee. Since there are different methods to prepare coffee drink, we recommend using 2 tablespoon full per every 6-ounce of water for a French press.

For automatic drip brewer, I would encourage you to use 1.5 or 1 Tbsps (most homes and offices have these). The reason between these two methods is because the automatic drip brewer operates at a very high temperature compared to French press.

You aren’t brewing for required period

I thought you should know that coffee comprise of only two ingredients. Therefore, the flavor or strength of your brewed coffee is determined by the interaction of time, water, ground coffee, and heat. Just like when preparing tea, the flavor of the coffee depends with how long you will allow it to steep.

For this reason, you can get weak coffee when you under-steep; if you don’t give it enough time to brew. Failure to that, the strength will not be completely extracted. You may research and have a look at some steps on how to prepare coffee.

Heat the blend properly

You need to understand that the nature of the water used to extract the coffee plays a vital role. It determines how weak or bitter your coffee will be. For this reason, weak coffee may be as a result of using too cold water.

For better results, the suitable water temperature when brewing coffee should range between 195 to 205 degrees.

Similarly, you can expose the blend for 30 secs. off the boil. However, this is not a common reason as to why many people get watery coffee because they use automatic drip brewers.

These devices overheat the water to extract the coffee respectively to produce a bitter taste.

Using coffee grounds of the wrong size

Hopefully you know the size and consistency of your coffee grinds plays an important role when brewing coffee.

The grinds you plan to use always determine the strength/flavor of your drink. This is among the reasons you need to invest in the best coffee brewing machine.

Many people prefer using different brewing methods based on the results and ease of use. Besides, these people tend to use different grind level but, under the genral rule. The rule says that using too coarse ground coffee for a particular brew type, it is possible not to extract enough flavors. Therefore, chances of ending up with watery coffee are high.

Why does my coffee taste thin

May be you’re using roasted coffee that doesn’t meet your preferences

Many folks complain that light roasted coffee isn’t bold or strong enough for their desires/taste.

For instance, if you taste floral or fruity notes, you can find milder coffee than you would expect.

Therefore if you wish to have a chocolatier, roast goodness, nutty drink, a dark or medium roast coffee is much better.

Wrong brew flavor/strength ratio

Using a weak flavor ration might be another reason as to why the coffee tastes watery.

Essentially, adding too little ground coffee and too much water in brew can leave you with weak a weak drink. Therefore, you need to be careful with rationing; use the stipulated ration for a strong beverage.

You are under extracting the coffee

This reason is a bit more challenging since you have to be familiarized with the brewing process.

Learn how it works to avoid watery coffee; this problem is committed by many home brewers. Try to work on this issue to have strong coffee and enjoy your breakfast or after lunch breaks.

You aren’t drinking enough coffee

For many coffee consumers, watery coffee is usually associated with little coffee consumption. Such people will be forced to take several cups of coffee to feel the caffeine buzz. Caffeine buzz comes with robust coffee.


The article is all about the reasons why sometimes you may end up with watery coffee. Learn to brew delicious and fantastic coffee without any unpleasant taste. Watery taste is dangerous to those lads who plan to have ‘strong coffee’.

 Lest you not ruin the taste of your coffee due to inadequate information; go through this report, find your mistake(s) and fix them.

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